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Acknowledging these changes to the traditional UWF residential experience, we are issuing the following addendum to the UWF Student Housing Contract to provide students with greater detail about these shared obligations, what they may expect and how changes may impact their residential experience in the coming year. Please take the time to carefully review each item.

Additional Terms, Conditions and Responsibilities for 2020-2021 UWF Student Housing Contract:

1. Health and Safety

A. The Student acknowledges the inherent elevated risk associated with living in a community environment and the Student’s shared obligation to prioritize health and safety for the benefit of the entire community.

B. The Student acknowledges they have considered their own personal health status and increased risk factors inherent with community living, including the risk of exposure or infection by COVID-19, when deciding to live on campus.

C. The Student agrees to adhere to University expectations intended to minimize risk of exposure to COVID-19 consistent with health and safety guidance including, but not limited to, practicing physical distancing as recommended by CDC and wearing appropriate face covering when within six feet of another individual when required.

D. If any of the new policies and guidelines create a need for an accommodation please contact UWF Student Accessibility Resources at 850-474-2387 or sar@uwf.edu

E. University staff will educate and inform residential students on appropriate cleaning protocols within their personal living space and shared spaces. The Student acknowledges their responsibility to keep personal living space in a sanitary condition and to adhere to sanitation standards in shared spaces. UWF staff retain the right to conduct health and safety inspections of the living space.

F. The Student acknowledges they may be required to submit to a symptom checking survey each day.

G. The Student agrees to disclose to the appropriate University medical official immediately upon notification of positive COVID-19 test status or contact from Escambia County Department of Health about exposure and instruction to isolate.

H. The Student agrees to comply with University direction requiring isolation. Isolation may require removal from assigned room, building, or campus. Isolation does not constitute cancellation of the Student Housing Contract.

I. Students are required to comply with all health and safety law, orders, ordinances, policies, regulations, and guidance adopted by the University or Department as it relates to COVID-19. This guidance may evolve as circumstances warrant. University may require students to leave Housing and Residence Life in the event the Student’s continued presence poses a health or safety risk to the housing community.

2. General Terms and Provisions

A. The Student acknowledges the University may restrict the full use of spaces and amenities within the residential community including, but not limited to:

a. Access to residential spaces is restricted to residential students, University faculty/staff, and approved vendors.
b. Residents are allowed only one guest in the residence hall/apartment at any given time. Guests must be a part of the UWF community (current student, faculty, staff) and MUST provide their Nautilus Card upon request from Housing staff.
c. Access to and use of amenities/space may be restricted or limited in capacity (community space, lounges, kitchen, laundry rooms, elevators, etc.)

B. If the class delivery method changes to online after the Thanksgiving break, the residence halls will remain open until the Winter break. You will not be required to leave during this time and will have access to your rooms as normal, unless the pandemic requires Housing to close down to the majority of on-campus students.  If Housing is open, there will be no refunds for this time frame if you choose to leave for the rest of the semester.

C. The Student acknowledges the building or room assignments may be changed prior to arrival or at any time during the term of the Contract the University deems necessary.

D. The Student acknowledges Student-initiated room change requests may be restricted or limited after occupancy.

E. In the event of a conflict between the above Addendum and the original Contract, this Addendum will apply.

UWF is committed to supporting our students in their return to campus during this unprecedented time and recognizes the value of the on-campus residential experience. The above information has been provided to allow students to make an informed decision about living in residential housing for the 2020-2021 school year. While the above is intended to provide some detail, there may be additional modifications needed as the year progresses and we track the impact of COVID-19 on our residential community and campus. As always, we will endeavor to update you with timely information about specific health and safety guidance important for our residential community.


You may direct any questions to housing@uwf.edu.


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