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Kugelman Honors Program

Group photo of 2023 orientation class

The Kugelman Honors Program is where brilliant minds come together to discover, learn, and thrive. Honors students at the University of West Florida form a community that shares a passion for learning and a commitment to positively impacting the world.


Courtney Swain, Kugelman Honors Alumna

“From my first class in Honors to the completion of my thesis, the Kugelman Honors Program gave me numerous opportunities to grow academically and personally. Not only did I learn to conduct lab-based research projects, but also I strengthened my time management and critical thinking skills. Although being an honors student was challenging, the experience gave me the confidence to pursue a career in medicine.” 

After earning a B.S. in Biomedical Sciences in 2018, Courtney attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s PREP Scholars Program, followed by the Medical Scientist Training Program. She joined the Samant Lab in July 2021 for Ph.D. training focused on investigating the role of Hedgehog signaling and hyperglycemia in modulating T cell populations in the tumor microenvironment of breast cancer.

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