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Two-year Program Pathway

To graduate as a Kugelman Honors Scholar, each student in the two-year program completes Honors coursework and an Honors thesis, performs community service, and maintains a 3.0 undergraduate GPA.

Two-Year Program Pathway

Two-Year PathwayCreditsSemester
IDH 3042 Honors Core: Systems Thinking 3 Fall Semester, Junior
IDH 3701 Service Learning and E-Portfolio Development 1 Fall Semester, Junior
IDH 3055 Honors Thesis Research Methods 1 Spring Semester, Junior
IDH 403@ Honors Seminar 3 Varies
IDH 4970 Thesis (or complete Capstone as Thesis) 3-6 Fall, Spring, and/or Summer Semester, Senior
High-Impact Educational Experience N/A  Varies; may be embedded in a course
E-Portfolio N/A Begin in IDH 3701 and submit the final draft prior to graduation
Community Service N/A About 40-50 hours total across two years
Presentation of Honors Thesis N/A Typically in the last semester of thesis registration

Junior Year

Required Honors core class for all transfer students and non-freshman students entering the Kugelman Honors Program. This course employs inter- and multidisciplinary teaching strategies to teach undergraduate research skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Students will be introduced to Honors pedagogy at UWF and to the many resources offered by the Honors Program. Course topics may vary but will focus on issues of global importance (such as climate change).

Meets Gordon Rule Writing Requirement.

Through Graduation

Every fall and spring semester, the Kugelman Honors Program offers a minimum of two interdisciplinary Honors seminars thoughtfully crafted by esteemed faculty members from various disciplines across the university. In these seminars, you will find a fusion of knowledge as different perspectives converge to create dynamic solutions to multifaceted challenges.

In our intimate seminar settings, limited to just 15 students, you'll engage in lively discussions, collaborate with fellow brilliant minds, and immerse yourself in a learning environment that embraces innovation and intellectual curiosity. 

Honors seminars vary by semester and will be posted to the Registration Menu in MyUWF.

Service Learning and E-Portfolio development is an enriching experience that paves the way for your future career success. This course focuses on your professional development, equipping you with the essential skills and personal awareness you need for future success.

As part of this course, you'll also learn how to harness the potential of E-Portfolios, creating a solid digital presence that showcases your achievements and capabilities. Our guidance in E-Portfolio development ensures you present yourself effectively to potential employers as well as graduate and professional schools.

Moreover, we emphasize aligning service activities with your future career goals. Discover how community engagement can contribute to your professional journey, making it even more rewarding and fulfilling.

IDH 3055 Honors Thesis Research Methods is a one-credit hour course available every spring semester. This essential course serves as a pivotal stepping stone in your journey toward crafting an exceptional thesis.

Course Highlights

  • Comprehensive Thesis-writing Process: Delve into the intricacies of the thesis-writing process, gaining valuable insights into each stage of development.
  • Exploration of Primary Research Methodologies: Familiarize yourself with the essential research methodologies crucial for commencing your thesis project.
  • Collaborative and Hands-on Workshop: Engage in a dynamic learning environment where collaboration and hands-on activities play a central role.

Topics Covered

  • Topic Selection: Learn effective strategies for choosing a compelling and suitable thesis topic that aligns with your interests and academic goals.
  • Approaching an Advisor: Discover the best approaches to interact with and seek guidance from your faculty thesis advisor, ensuring a fruitful working relationship.
  • Scholarly Research Methods: Master the art of conducting rigorous scholarly research, setting the foundation for a well-structured and impactful thesis.
  • Time Management: Acquire time management techniques that empower you to balance your academic responsibilities and thesis work efficiently.
  • Thesis Presentation Requirements: Explore the essentials of effectively presenting your thesis work and showcasing your thesis work with confidence.

Honors students have the opportunity to take up to three semester hours of thesis credits while working on their Honors thesis, guided by a dedicated faculty thesis advisor. The Honors thesis is a pinnacle achievement, serving as a transformative capstone project that takes diverse forms based on each student's major.

For students pursuing majors that already necessitate capstone projects as part of their degree program, Dr. Evans, Honors Director, will consider the integration of the Honors thesis. Enhancements to existing requirements are negotiable, preventing honors students from completing double theses or capstone projects. Instead, you will enrich and expand upon your major's culminating work, further elevating your academic experience.

As the final requirement of the Honors thesis experience, students will formally present their thesis research or creative activity. We encourage you to seize this moment to shine by applying to present at prestigious Honors conferences. The Kugelman Honors Program attends three renowned events annually, including the Florida Collegiate Honors Council, Southern Regional Honors Council, and National Collegiate Honors Council. Additionally, you can showcase your work at the UWF Student Scholars Symposium held each spring.

Community Service

Before graduating as a Kugelman Honors Scholar, Honors requires students to complete focused community service. Students can complete community service at their own pace and are encouraged to participate consistently in service activities throughout their time as undergraduates.

Honors students are responsible for documenting their completed service hours. They must include locations, dates, the amount of time they volunteered/served, and brief descriptions of their service activities. Once they reach the required hours threshold—40 for two-year pathway and 80 for four-year pathway students—they can submit their log to the Honors Advisor, who will mark the requirement as complete on their degree audit.

GPA Requirement

To maintain active standing within the Kugelman Honors Program, all students must uphold a minimum 3.0 GPA at UWF. Falling below this threshold will result in being placed on probation in the Honors Program. If an honors student fails to achieve a 3.0 GPA for two consecutive semesters, they will be deemed academically ineligible to continue as a member of the Honors Program. Similarly, failure to complete an Honors course for two consecutive semesters (excluding summer semesters) will result in termination for non-participation.

Students who find themselves academically ineligible can seek reinstatement to the Honors Program. Once their GPA exceeds 3.0, they may submit a petition for reinstatement to the Honors Director. We encourage students to take this opportunity to re-engage with the Honors community and resume their academic journey with renewed enthusiasm.