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Is Honors Right for Me?

Being admitted to the Honors Program doesn't necessarily mean that you're a good fit for Honors. You'll need to decide whether or not to join the program. You're a good fit for the program if you answer "yes" to all the questions below.

Honors student participating in archaeology research

Do you enjoy intellectual challenges?

Honors students thrive on academics. Research, creativity, and intellectual curiosity are the core of our mission. The Honors experience at UWF is largely defined by “HIPS”—High Impact Practices. These experiences include supervised research, internships, conference travel, study abroad, and service learning, to name just a few. Honors is right for you if you are ready for a truly transformative college experience that pushes far beyond the classroom. If you’re the kind of student who only does the bare minimum to get by, you probably won’t enjoy the Honors experience.

Do you enjoy tackling difficult issues?

In Honors, we don’t shy away from difficult topics just because they make us uncomfortable. We value conversing and debating while pursuing reason, facts, and verifiable claims. We embrace science and the scientific method, welcome free speech, and acknowledge the risks and rewards of sharing our ideas with others. If you shy away from difficult discussions or dislike questioning your worldview, Honors is likely not a good fit for you.

Do you embrace diversity?

Being part of an Honors community means living and learning with others from different backgrounds. We actively promote diversity within our community and our curriculum. We seek students excited by the opportunities and challenges that arise from working closely with peers who sometimes experience the world differently. Our definition of diversity is intentionally broad, including race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexuality, sexual identity, class, physical disability, autism, and mental health.

Girl with grapevine in community garden

Do you value balance?

Balance is a fundamental quality in Honors. We value balance across multiple fields of study and seek balance in our lives. Honors students choose a major like all other UWF students, but we also take extra courses that challenge us to think outside of our major areas of study. The most vital qualities in Honors students are intellectual curiosity and the willingness to examine problems and research questions from multiple points of view. If you’re only good at one thing or interested in one small area of study, you won’t get the most out of Honors.

Do you push yourself to be the very best you can be?

Being in Honors takes drive, passion, and ambition. In Honors, we cultivate a drive to succeed and like setting the bar high. While we’re not ultra-competitive (Honors is more of a family than a group of individuals), we value hard work, rigor, and the desire to be the best. We are looking for students who want to be the very best they can be---academically, personally, and professionally.

Explore the Benefits

Challenging academic experiences, summer study abroad programs, scholarships, research support, and a vibrant living-learning community are all part of being a student in the Kugelman Honors Program.

Benefits of Honors

Success in Honors

Honors at the collegiate level is a unique and challenging experience.  Before committing, learn more about the characteristics that make students successful in the Kugelman Honors Program.

Is Honors Right for Me?

The Honors Experience

Beginning with the first-year sequence, then on to exclusive Honors seminars, and culminating with the Honors Thesis, the Honors curriculum engages students throughout their time as undergraduates.

Program Requirements
Students complete challenge at leadership retreat

Student Leadership

Honors students are challenged to become leaders in Honors and across campus. Learn more about leadership opportunities available through the Kugelman Honors Program, from serving as an Honors Mentor to the various positions offered through the Honors Council.

Leadership Development
Community Garden volunteer

Community Service

Service to one's community is a cornerstone of the Honors experience at UWF. Whether through Honors coursework or independent service initiatives, Honors students are active and engaged in service on and off campus.

Community Service
Students in community garden

UWF Community Garden

The UWF Community Garden is an active Kugelman Honors Program service project. Students enrolled in Honors assist in the garden, along with many others from the UWF community. Vice President of Academic Engagement and Student Affairs, Dr. Greg Tomso, oversees the garden.

UWF Community Garden