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Is Honors Right for Me?

The Kugelman Honors Program offers premium advantages to students who embark on the Honors Program. Below are benefits that hold great esteem and enhance our students’ experience.

Do you enjoy tackling difficult issues?

In Kugelman Honors, we do not shy away from complicated problems or difficult discussions. We bring critical thinking, mutual trust, and respect to everything we do. It's not that we look for conflict or argue simply to be contrary. It's quite the opposite. We approach our classes, our experiences, and our fellow students with an open mind and a critical eye. We seek to understand. We love learning. And we value the experiences and perspectives that others provide.

Do you enjoy intellectual challenges?

As part of your Honors experience, you will take courses with other students in the program designed to give you access to our best and brightest faculty on interdisciplinary subjects you might never explore in your major. A range of options are provided each semester, and you get to choose when and what you take. Some of our recent courses include: The Art and Science of Beer Brewing, Hacking for Defense, Medical Humanities, Graphic Novels, and Storytelling. It's easy to spread out the 3-4 required courses and 1-2 elective courses (depending on whether you are a 4-year or 2-year pathway student) so that they easily fit into your academic plan.

Do you value a sense of belonging?

Being part of our honors community means living and learning alongside individuals from various backgrounds. We seek students excited by the opportunities and challenges of collaborating closely with peers who may perceive the world in different ways. Our approach to creating a sense of belonging is intentionally broad. We actively foster an environment where everyone feels they belong, both within our community and through our curriculum. In Kugelman Honors, every student is welcomed and encouraged to feel at home.

Do you value balance?

Balance is a fundamental quality in honors. We value balance across multiple fields of study and seek balance in our lives. Honors students choose a major like all other UWF students, but we also take extra courses that challenge us to think outside of our major areas of study. The most vital qualities in honors students are intellectual curiosity and willingness to examine issues from multiple points of view.

Do you push yourself to be the best you can be?

The courses to complete the Honors requirement are challenging in a good way. They are thought-provoking and interdisciplinary, but they are not designed to weed students out of the program. We ask you to bring your best self to everything you do. The rest is easy. Students in the Kugelman Honors Program are often involved in several campus organizations and activities. Our students easily balance the expectations of the honors curriculum and programming with other interests, such as SGA, athletics, clubs, music, or Greek life.