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Leadership Development

Leadership is a pillar of the Kugelman Honors Program. We have many opportunities for student leadership through our Honors Council, Honors Mentor Program, and Honors Resident Assistant positions.

Students completing challenge at Honors Retreat 2018
Honors Council Annual Leadership Retreat

Honors Council

All honors students are encouraged to attend the Honors Council, which meets every Tuesday of the spring and fall semesters at 5 p.m. in Building 58A, Room 101.

At Honors Council, students play an active role in shaping the Honors Program's future. Participants can provide valuable feedback on program requirements and Honors Council events, ensuring the Honors experience remains dynamic and responsive to their needs.

Students can actively contribute to the Honors Council's mission by joining any of its committees:

  • Fundraising Committee: Empower the honors community by aiding in fundraising initiatives that support various program activities.
  • Public Relations Committee: Unleash your creativity and communication skills to spread the word about honors events and activities, connecting students with enriching opportunities.
  • Service Committee: Embrace the spirit of giving back by engaging in service projects that positively impact our community.
  • Social Committee: Foster a vibrant and welcoming environment by organizing engaging social events that promote camaraderie among honors students.
  • Equity and Diversity Committee: Play an instrumental role in promoting diversity, inclusivity, and equity within the honors community, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued.

Learn more about the Honors Council by reviewing the Honors Council Constitution and Honors Council Bylaws .


Mentor group at Honors Orientation

Honors Mentors

Our dedicated Honors Mentors are here to lend a helping hand as first-year students acclimate to University life and the Honors program. These invaluable mentors are thoughtfully assigned to first-year students during Honors Orientation. From that point forward, they meet regularly, providing guidance and fostering a strong sense of community throughout the new student's first year in the Honors Program.

At Honors Orientation, you can connect with your Honors Mentor for the first time, setting the stage for a supportive journey ahead. Whether you have questions about university resources, need assistance navigating the academic landscape, or simply want a friend, our Honors Mentors are here to ensure your transition to college and Honors smooth.

Become a Mentor

Are you a current honors student with a passion for supporting others? Consider becoming an Honors Mentor and making a difference in a first-year student's life.

Each spring semester, we welcome applications from those eager to take on this impactful role. Stay informed and seize the opportunity by checking our weekly updates from the Honors Program, where Mentor applications are shared.

At the Kugelman Honors Program, we believe in the power of community and the value of connection. Join our vibrant Honors family, and let our Honors Mentors guide you through a rewarding college experience.


Honors leaders outside of Pace Hall

Honors Resident Assistants (RA)

At Pace Hall, the heart of the Honors Living Learning Community (LLC), our dedicated Honors RAs actively support our community and attend Honors Council events.

Become an RA

If you are a current honors student with a passion for leadership and community building, consider becoming an honors RA. Each spring semester, we welcome applications for this important role. Stay tuned to our weekly updates, where we share RA applications and exciting opportunities to be part of our community.