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Honors Thesis

To graduate as a Kugelman Honors Scholar, Honors students are required to complete and present an Honors thesis.

Student presenting at OUR Student Scholars Symposium
Honors student presenting at OUR's Student Scholars Symposium

Thesis Proposal and Submission

As an honors student, your path to crafting an exceptional thesis commences with IDH 3055 Honors Thesis Research Methods. During this crucial course, you'll identify an interesting topic, secure a faculty thesis advisor, and workshop your thesis proposal. This course sets the stage for your scholarly exploration.

Develop your proposal with assistance from your faculty thesis advisor. Have the final proposal approved by your faculty thesis advisor and the Honors Director. Then, move to the next step – developing your thesis.

Once your thesis work is complete, submit your final thesis for review, solidifying your academic achievement.

Access our Kugelman Honors Program course on eLearning (Canvas) for additional thesis resources and important dates and deadlines. Here, you can familiarize yourself with the Thesis Process for Students, a valuable resource to support your progress.

Please get in touch with the Honors office for assistance and guidance if you have any questions about the thesis process and requirements.

IDH 3055 Honors Thesis Research Methods is a one-credit hour course available every spring semester. This essential course serves as a pivotal stepping stone in your journey toward crafting an exceptional thesis.

Course Highlights

  • Comprehensive Thesis-writing Process: Delve into the intricacies of the thesis-writing process, gaining valuable insights into each stage of development.
  • Exploration of Primary Research Methodologies: Familiarize yourself with the essential research methodologies crucial for commencing your thesis project.
  • Collaborative and Hands-on Workshop: Engage in a dynamic learning environment where collaboration and hands-on activities play a central role.

Topics Covered

  • Topic Selection: Learn effective strategies for choosing a compelling and suitable thesis topic that aligns with your interests and academic goals.
  • Approaching an Advisor: Discover the best approaches to interact with and seek guidance from your faculty thesis advisor, ensuring a fruitful working relationship.
  • Scholarly Research Methods: Master the art of conducting rigorous scholarly research, setting the foundation for a well-structured and impactful thesis.
  • Time Management: Acquire time management techniques that empower you to balance your academic responsibilities and thesis work efficiently.
  • Thesis Presentation Requirements: Explore the essentials of effectively presenting your thesis work and showcasing your thesis work with confidence.

Honors students have the opportunity to take up to three semester hours of thesis credits while working on their Honors thesis, guided by a dedicated faculty thesis advisor. The Honors thesis is a pinnacle achievement, serving as a transformative culminating project. The form it takes depends on each student's major.

For students pursuing majors that already necessitate capstone projects as part of their degree program, the Honors Director will consider the integration of the honors thesis. Enhancements to existing capstone requirements are possible, preventing honors students from having to complete two culminating projects. Instead, you might enrich and expand upon the capstone work in your major or critically reflect on the process in order to further elevate your academic experience.

As the final requirement of the Honors Thesis experience, students will formally present their thesis research or creative activity. We encourage you to seize this moment to shine by applying to present at prestigious Honors conferences. The Kugelman Honors Program attends two renowned events annually, including the Southern Regional Honors Council and the National Collegiate Honors Council. Additionally, you can showcase your work at the UWF Student Scholars Symposium held each spring.

Students who have a thesis prospectus approved by a faculty thesis advisor and the Honors Director are eligible to apply for funding to support their thesis research.

Request Honors Thesis Funding

UWF's Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) supports undergraduate scholarly work through a combination of funding and programming. For numerous honors students, this rich research experience lays a robust foundation for their thesis work and, in some cases, seamlessly transitions into becoming their actual thesis project.  

Visit OUR's website for information on research opportunities, project and travel awards, and other OUR programs.