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Honors Thesis

To graduate as a Kugelman Honors Scholars, Honors students are required to complete and present an Honors thesis.

Student presenting at OUR Student Scholars Symposium
Honors student presenting at OUR's Student Scholars Symposium

Honors students will first submit a thesis proposal, which their Thesis Faculty Advisor and the Honors Director will approve. A final thesis must be submitted for review after thesis work has been completed. Students must submit thesis documents according to the Honors Thesis Proposal Deadlines and Honors Thesis Submission Deadlines. Thesis resources and deadlines can be found on the Kugelman Honors Program course on eLearning (Canvas).

Students are encouraged to review the Thesis Process for Students and reach out to the Honors office with any questions regarding thesis processes and requirements.

Honors Thesis Research Methods is a one-credit hour course offered each spring semester. This course helps students understand the thesis-writing process and covers the primary research methodologies required to begin a thesis project.

The class is conducted as a collaborative, hands-on workshop. It covers important areas such as choosing a topic, approaching an advisor, scholarly research methods, time management, and thesis presentation requirements. 

Honors students can take up to 3 s.h. of thesis credits while completing their Honors thesis under the guidance of a thesis advisor. The Honors thesis is intended to be a capstone project for students and can assume various forms depending on a student's major. For students in majors requiring capstone projects as part of their degree program, enhancements to such existing requirements can be negotiated so that Honors students are not completing double theses or capstone projects but are further developing their major's culminating work.

As the final requirement of the Honors programs, Honors students must formally present their thesis research or creative activity. Students are encouraged to apply to present at any of the three Honors conferences that the program annually attends (the Florida Collegiate Honors Council, Southern Regional Honors Council, and the National Collegiate Honors Council) or at the Student Scholars Symposium held each spring at UWF.

Students who have a thesis prospectus approved by an advisor and the Honors Director are eligible to apply for funding to support their thesis research.

Honors Thesis Funding Request Form

UWF's Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) supports undergraduate scholarly work through a combination of funding and programming. For many Honors students, this research provides an excellent foundation for their thesis and sometimes even becomes their thesis project. Visit OUR's website for information on research opportunities, project and travel awards, and other OUR programs.