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DAESA Employee Award Winners

UWF's DAESA has the opportunity to nominate team members to the following honorable awards: DAESA Dazzler, Department of the Year, DAESA Devoted to Outstanding Service, Destinctiive Program/Event of the Year, DAESA Distinguished Hall of Famer and the DAESA Dynamo.

employee photo of the 2024 DAESA Award Winners
2024 DAESA Award Winners
  • DAESA Dazzler: Darby Drapeau, Student Support Specialist, Office of Student Engagement
  • Department of the Year: Career Development and Community Engagement
  • DAESA Devoted to Outstanding Service: Amos Davidson, Jr., Assistant Director, Office of Student Engagement
  • Distinctive Program: Argo Pantry's Wellness Wednesdays, offered by the Dean of Students Office
  • DAESA Distinguished Hall of Famer: Dawn Rockey, Director, Student Accessibility Resources
  • DAESA Dynamo: Candice Morgan, Director, Student Success


Past Winners

  • DAESA Dazzler: Elizabeth Barrett, Program Coordinator, Kugelman Honors Program
  • Department of the Year: Dean of Students Office
  • DAESA Devoted to Outstanding Service: Kennyattah Cox, Director of University Commons and Event Services
  • Distinctive Program: Club U-Dub, offered by the Office of Student Engagement
  • DAESA Distinguished Hall of Famer: Rachael Treis, Advisor II, First Year Advising
  • DAESA Dynamo: Lyndon Torree, Coordinator, Technology Support Services

DAESA Awards and Descriptions

DAESA Dazzler-New professional of the year (1-2 years)

Recognizes an employee who has quickly contributed to the success of DAESA and of their department through their use of personal initiative, analytical and critical thinking skills, and problem-solving capability. This employee demonstrates a positive attitude and cooperative spirit.

Department of the Year

This award honors a department that has excelled in helping and assisting students, faculty/staff, families, community members, etc., both within and outside DAESA. This department demonstrates effective teamwork in executing impactful, educational, and innovative services, programs, and/or collaborations across the campus. This department works both independently and collaboratively with other departments to provide a holistic experience for the campus community.

DAESA Devoted to Outstanding Service

Recognizes an employee who consistently demonstrates an overall positive attitude and is committed to providing superior support to students, faculty, staff, and community members. The level of service this employee provides exceeds job expectations. This employee is dedicated to helping others achieve a positive outcome and demonstrates initiative toward process improvement.

Distinctive Program/Event of the Year

This award recognizes a program/event that demonstrated creativity, leadership, and innovation. The program/event is sponsored by a department in DAESA and makes a positive impact relative to DAESA’s strategic priorities: Transformational Experiences, Academic Success, Health and Well Being, Civility and Inclusion, or Staff Development and Operations.

DAESA Distinguished Hall of Famer (5+ years)

Recognizes an employee who constantly strives to improve the quality of services and programs above and beyond their job description. This employee serves as a positive role model to others by consistently projecting a positive attitude toward their work, sharing their knowledge and insight with staff, and/or being a motivator for student success.

DAESA Dynamo (3-5 years)

Recognizes an employee who displays exemplary performance in their own responsibilities, as well as service to the division, University, and community, beyond assigned duties. The individual has gone above and beyond his/her job expectations, contributes to the division in meaningful ways, and has demonstrated innovative and unique methods that have made a positive impact on services, programs or students. This staff member shows promise of assuming a greater leadership role in the division.