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Design and Communication

Examples of Office of Design and Communication posters, flyers, booklets, stickers, enamel pins and rack cards

The Office of Design and Communication supports the Division of Academic Engagement of Student Affairs’ goals through strategic communication.

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DAESA staff, once you're ready to get started on your project, submit a ticket on our Jira Service DeskFor step-by-step instructions on how to submit a ticket, please visit our Submitting an ODC project request Confluence pageOnce we receive your request, our team will be in touch via the Jira ticket to discuss any project-specific next steps. 

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Communication Protocol

ODC partners with a wide range of departments inside and outside of DAESA on a daily basis, all with unique communication needs. The Communication Protocol Guide is a reference tool of ODC’s operating procedures for most communication instances that departments can use to strategically communicate to their target audiences. If you have any questions about the guide, please contact Rachel Gibbs, Olivia Ashcraft or Shelley Henseler.

Communication Protocol Interactive Guide



Scope of Work

  • Graphic design
  • Publications and print design
  • Temporary/removable signage

Specific print formats include 24x36" posters, 11x17" posters, mini-flyers, yard signs, banners, floor decals, wall decals, t-shirts, CCTV images, brochures, magnets, postcards, booklets, stickers, pennants, wind feathers, rack cards, door hangers, wallet schedules, pins and others as appropriate.

  • Web design and strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Digital signage
  • Digital invitations

  • Artwork review (brand compliance review)
  • Campaign strategy
  • Photography, video and illustration vendor referrals
  • Visibility and promotion strategy

ODC does not produce/support these types of requests:

  • Social media content/images
  • Artwork for promo items. T-shirts and materials with an imprint area larger than 10x10" are an exception
  • Logos. More information about Student Org logos is on the Brand Portal
  • Videos
  • Professional photography
  • Permanent signage 
  • Digital flyers
  • In-house printed flyers  

Departments are encouraged to utilize the brand portal templates for in-house printed flyers and other marketing collateral that targets fewer than 20 students and to submit those materials for brand compliance review via a Jira ticket. For promo items, clients should work directly with the vendor to have the items mocked up (see Placing a Vendor Order for Printed or Promotional Items Confluence page). Clients should then submit a Jira ticket with the mock-up for brand compliance review before the items are produced.

Exceptions may apply depending on alignment with DAESA strategic communication/mission; please email Shelley at with questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

As your ticket progresses through the various stages, the ‘status’ will change and you will be notified. If action is required, our staff will comment on the ticket with specific instructions or requests for feedback and mark the ticket ‘waiting for client’ or ‘waiting for approval’. Please check your ticket and respond as needed to move your project forward.

ODC staff most likely removed your email signature from your comment using the ‘edit’ function. If you respond to tickets via email, Jira attaches your email signature, which takes up significant space and obstructs your comment, making it more difficult for our designers to see your comment in Jira. 

To avoid this, please access the ticket via Jira instead of your email.

You can see the status of your project Jira ticket in the ‘workflow’ tab in the top right hand corner of your ticket. If you need a more specific update, please contact your project lead via the ticket.

To see an example of the full life cycle for an average ticket, ODC Processes Flow Chart.

If ODC repeatedly attempts to contact you via the ticket but does not receive a response within four business days, the ticket is automatically closed. Depending on how close the project was to completion at the time it was closed, the ticket may either be reopened or will need to be resubmitted. Please contact your project lead for more information about your specific case.

When you submit your Jira project request via the service desk, please specify if you need materials by a certain date (for an event, end of fiscal year etc.). ODC staff will assign a proof date and an in-hand date based on your date needed, production time and the degree to which your project supports the university vision and mission.

Yes! When you submit your project request, make sure your ticket includes all necessary information, clear direction, attachments and that all written copy has been spell-checked.

ODC is a shared resource for the whole DAESA, so a majority of our 'clients' submitting complete tickets speeds up the process for everyone!