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Student Organizations and Clubs

Student organizations and clubs play a vital role in campus life at the University of West Florida, engaging thousands of students in a variety of valuable experiences and relationships. With more than 150 active student organizations, these groups are ambassadors of the UWF brand.

Use of the University name and/or logos (academic and athletic) implies association with the University. Therefore, only registered student organizations, departmental student organizations, recognized fraternities and sororities, intramural sports and registered sports clubs, hereafter referred to as student organizations, may use the name of the University, an abbreviation of the name of the University or select University logos (in specific instances) as part of or in conjunction with their group name. These approved users may not grant permission for use to any other internal or external entity without prior review and approval by Institutional Communications and must adhere to the standards as outlined below at all times. If you are not sure of your organization’s classification, visit UWF's Student Organizations website.

Use of the University Name

Student organizations may use the University name within their group names; however, they may not use the language in a manner that could create confusion between it as an organization and the University itself or in a manner that interferes with the integrity of UWF’s official logos.

The standards for use are as follows:

  • The use of "UWF" and "University of West Florida" is permitted. For example, Caribbean Student Association at the University of West Florida or Caribbean Student Association—UWF Chapter.
  • The use of "University of West Florida Argonauts," "UWF Argonauts," "West Florida Argonauts" and "Argie" is limited to the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and is not permitted. However, the use of "Argo(s)” or "Argonaut(s)" is permitted. For example, "Argo Social Work Club" or "Argonaut Cooking Club."

Use of the University Logo

Student Organizations are eligible and encouraged to use official institutional logo signatures to represent their group as shown below. These logos follow the approved design of the University’s official logo signature system and are created based on the organization’s name on file with Student Involvement. To reduce redundancy, any part of the organization’s name that includes reference to the University name (i.e. "American Sign Language Club at the University of West Florida or UWF American Sign Language Club") will not be included in the name portion of the lockup as it is already included in the logo signature design.

student organization logo signature example for the uwf american sign language club

These marks may only be created by Institutional Communications and must adhere to the same standards as the University’s official signature system when used. For details on the standards, please visit the Logo Signature System page in the brand portal.

If a Student Organization is interested in requesting an official logo signature, the organization’s advisor or department chair must complete the request form. Other University logos and marks are not permitted to represent student organizations. If your group has a special need, please contact

Development of Logos

Student Organizations may create their own logos and identity. Institutional Communications will not be involved in the creation of unique logos for student organizations; however, any mark using the University name is subject to review and compliance with the standards set forth in this protocol. Logos that do not adhere to these standards, or are determined to potentially confuse audiences as to their association with the University of West Florida brand, will be requested for adjustment or removal.

Unique logos for student organizations must adhere to the following standards:

  • They may not emulate, include or incorporate any official University logo, Nautilus Shell mark or graphic element, including the official primary logo or lettermark, any official signature system logo, the official University nameplate, the presidential seal, any athletic logo or Helmet mark, or any retired marks.
  • They may not include any words, symbols or imagery that reflect poorly on the University.
  • It is recommended that the organization’s full name be included in the mark, including identifying words such as “club” or “society.”
  • Use of institutional fonts and colors is encouraged, although not required. Students should be cognizant of the way colors are used together, making sure logos are legible.
  • They may not include any creative interpretations of Argie. This does not apply to school spirit items that are developed for one-time use such as banners, signs, sidewalk graphics, t-shirts and other items that are not for distribution.
  • They may not include the Argodillo, other UWF Spirited Elements or any creative interpretations of them. Review the UWF Spirited Elements guidelines for more information.
  • The University’s name or acronym may be typeset as part of a design as long as it does not attempt to emulate one of the University’s logos. Official athletic fonts may not be utilized or emulated.

Promotional Items

All student organizations are required to use authorized licensed vendors when ordering products (T-shirts, cups, pens, etc.) that use the University name or include University logos, regardless of the source of funding. For more information, contact the UWF Licensing Office. If using a licensed vendor, they will handle the approval process, and submitting an approval request to Institutional Communications is not necessary.

Registered Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs

University of West Florida intramural sports and sport clubs are organizations registered within the Department of Recreation that are formed by students with a common interest in a physical sport activity. These activities facilitate a broad range of skill levels and provide students leadership opportunities that will assist them beyond their years at UWF. To help promote their teams, create a sense of unity and build brand recognition, these groups are granted permission to use an identified athletic mark in an official intramural sports and sport clubs signature with their name typeset alongside the mark as shown below. While intramural sports and sport clubs are not required to use these marks, if they choose to do so, the marks must only be built and provided by Institutional Communications and must not be altered when used.

sport club mark example for rugby club

Use of any other UWF Intercollegiate Athletics brand elements by Recreation, intramural sports and sport clubs is prohibited. Additionally, the use of "University of West Florida Argonauts," "UWF Argonauts," "West Florida Argonauts" and "Argie" is limited to the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and is not permitted. For any questions regarding the use of the University logos or name, intramural sports and sport clubs, please contact