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Official Alternative Logos

Official Sub-Brands

Official sub-brands are an extension of the UWF brand and are created for specific organizations and initiatives. The creation of these brands must be approved by the President and are developed by Institutional Communications.

The official sub-brands include:

  • Business Enterprises, Inc.
  • Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Center for Cybersecurity
  • Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation
  • Florida Public Archaeology Network
  • Florida SBDC Network
  • Pensacola Museum of Art
  • Pensacola Children’s Museum
  • WUWF Public Media
  • UWF Historic Trust
  • UWF Student Government Association
all uwf brand extensions

Official Initiative and Event Logos

The below are official initiative and event logos.

  • UWF Day of Giving
  • UWF Founders Week
  • UWF Homecoming
  • UWF Women in Leadership Conference
all uwf initiative and event logos

Official Recognition Badges

Badges are official emblems that represent an achievement, certification, membership, accreditation or other such form of recognition. If a badge is added to the UWF website, it must come from an official accredited award or recognition affiliate, and the recipient must have official approval from that institution to use it. All other emblems are prohibited. When used on the UWF website, it must be accompanied by the text that is included in the badge and that text must also be in the image description/alt text for WCAG compliance. The creation of new badges must be approved by the President and developed by the Office of Institutional Communications.

Official UWF Recognition Badges Include:

examples of the four available badges for departmental assessment
  • Cybersecurity Safety Award - UWF Defender Badge
The Cybersecurity Safety Award - UWF Defender Badge

The Cybersecurity Safety Award - UWF Defender Badge is awarded to employees on an annual basis who demonstrate excellence in phishing awareness. Employees awarded with this badge were able to successfully identify and report advanced UWF phishing challenges for the entire calendar year. The badge serves to demonstrate exceptional awareness of malicious attacks and further establish the employee as a very trustworthy digital communicator. Employees are awarded the badge as a certificate through a congratulatory email.

An employee must meet the following criteria to earn this badge:

  1. Show up in the ITS report which indicates 0% failures throughout the existing calendar year.
  2. Participated and completed the advanced phishing campaign.

Download the Badge

For additional information on official alternative logos, please email