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Presidential Seal


The University of West Florida Presidential Seal signifies the academic character of the institution. The Presidential Seal was inspired by Oliver Wendell Holmes’ poem “The Chambered Nautilus” selected by Harold Bryan Crosby, the founding president of UWF. The University's colors, blue and green, symbolize the sky and the sea, the vast knowledge that humankind has explored and the future yet to be conquered.

To maintain its integrity and effectiveness, the Presidential Seal is reserved for use to mark the highest official communications of the University, as it signifies formal authority. In order to maintain this formal authority, use of the Presidential Seal is limited to the president, vice presidents, Board of Trustees and Institutional Communications. Additionally, in specific, limited circumstances, the Office of Enrollment Affairs and the Office of the General Counsel are also permitted to use the seal. It is reserved for use on the following items:

  • Stationery used by the president and vice presidents (letterhead, business cards, notecards, etc.)
  • Diplomas and certificates evidencing completion of degree requirements as well as honorary degrees
  • Ceremonial documents such as awards or proclamations from the Office of the President or Office of the Vice President
  • Officially sanctioned formal and ceremonial collateral including commencement and convocation related items
  • University transcripts, legally binding documents, enrollment verification documents, financial documents and records
  • Student loan verification documents, as well as letters of good standing for insurance purposes
  • Permanent signage, such as the main entryways and select building and directional signs
  • University flags and pole banners
  • Commemorative, high-quality (not for resale) gift objects created for limited distribution by use for the approved groups as noted above, including plaques, medallions, paperweights, writing instruments, etc.
  • Limited formal, donor relations collateral and other officially sanctioned items developed by Institutional Communications
  • Official University name tags as ordered through Business and Auxiliary Services

The seal can be used as full-color, two-color (UWF Green and UWF Blue), gold, black and white. It should not be used in place of the official primary logos.

Any other use of the Presidential Seal must be approved in advance on a case-by-case basis by the Executive Director of Institutional Communications. To request permission, please email