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Improper Usage

The Institutional UWF logo has been registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. To legally protect these identifiers, they must not be altered or distorted in any way. Below are examples of improper usage. Improper usage damages the perception and recognition of the institution’s brand and even well intentioned changes can have a negative impact. Please note that the examples shown here do not include all non-compliant possibilities. While the examples below only show improper usage of the primary logo, these guidelines apply to all official University identifiers, including logo signatures.

example of logo improperly stretched out

Do not condense, stretch, or distort any official University identifiers. Proportions of all logo elements must be maintained.

uwf logo with elements being altered improperly

Do not alter the placement or scale of any elements in an official University identifier.

UWF logo shown with improper drop shadow effect

Do not apply any graphic effects to official University identifiers such as drop shadows or textures.

new logo created with the wrong elements

Do not create a new logo with any official UWF graphic elements.

uwf logo with a tagline improperly added

Do not add text or graphic elements to official University identifiers such as a tagline or wave element.

uwf logo improperly rotated

Do not rotate the orientation of official University identifiers.

uwf logo made with incorrect colors

Do not use colors that are not specified for use any official University identifiers.

uwf logo being used improperly as a background

Do not use an official University identifier as a background for text.