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Named College Signature Logos

For colleges that have received contributions that allow naming by a donor or benefactor, the University has developed a logo signature variation that features the donor’s name.

Currently, this variation applies to the Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering and the Usha Kundu, MD College of Health. Other University entities must follow the standards for the official logo signature system.

Named College—Primary Vertical Logo Signature


Named College—Primary Horizontal Logo Signature


Named College—Secondary Logo Signature


Named College—Embroidery Logo Signature


To provide further distinction, two alternate configurations, specific only to named colleges, are also available. The alternate layouts offer further flexibility with their narrow horizontal configurations.

Named College—Vertical Alternate Layout


Named College—Horizontal Alternate Layout


Named college signatures must adhere to the same standards as outlined for the University’s official primary logo and logo signatures. For questions, please email