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Claudia Stanny Excellence in Assessment

claudia j stanny excellent in assessment award

The Claudia J. Stanny Excellence in Assessment Award is awarded to academic programs that score at the top of the rubric on their annual programmatic assessment report as determined through Formal Review of Assessment. To be selected for the CJS Excellence in Assessment Award, departments should provide a compelling story of seeking improvement of student learning and program improvement through assessment of their educational program. Their assessment report describes the incorporation of best practices in assessment at the highest level including broad faculty engagement in the process, actionable use of assessment results to improve student learning, and description of impact of implemented changes from a prior year assessment by closing the loop.

The Provost will give an annual award that includes a departmental stipend of $1,000 for use in faculty professional development efforts that may include conference travel to present the department’s assessment story at a regional or national conference. 

Claudia J. Stanny served the faculty and students of the University of West Florida for over 30 years. Though she served in a faculty role in the Department of Psychology for many years, Dr. Stanny had her greatest impact on the University of West Florida through her role as the Director of the Center for University Teaching, Learning, and Assessment or CUTLA. As Director of CUTLA, Dr. Stanny worked tirelessly to mentor faculty in the scholarship of teaching and learning, and to promote a strong and pervasive culture of assessment at UWF. She was also instrumental in helping UWF prepare for SACSCOC accreditation visits and in developing several of the university’s QEP projects. The Claudia J. Stanny Excellence in Assessment Award is created in her name in recognition of her work and the impact she has made on the culture of teaching and learning at UWF. 


2022 Award Winner


Chemistry, B.A./B.S.



2021 Award Winners


Health Sciences, B.S.

General Education, B.G.S.



Health Sciences and Administration

CASSH Dean's Office


Criteria for Award

The department demonstrates excellence in assessment by meeting the following criteria:

  1. Must meet all 6 criteria from the reporting compliance section of the rubric.
  2. Must have a maturity of assessment rating at the gold level of designation.
  3. Must have compelling and actionable use of results for the current assessment cycle.
  4. Must discuss impact of actions implemented from a prior year’s assessment (sometimes called closing the loop). This is field K on the programmatic assessment form and represents a full cycle of assessment for a particular SLO. 
  5. In the event of a tie in the overall score based on Formal Review of Assessment ( Rubric 21-22), reviewers will select the recipient of the Claudia J. Stanny Excellence in Assessment Award based on a quality comparison of responses and the strength of supporting documentation supplied as evidence of best practices where possible.
  6. Departments may win the award once within a three year period before they are eligible for award consideration again in the future.