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Purpose, Vision, Values

Accreditation, strategic planning, and institutional reporting and effectiveness.


Institutional Effectiveness' role is to advance UWF's mission, vision, and effectiveness by facilitating integrated strategic planning, assessment, institutional intelligence, and reporting to support data-informed decision making, policy formation, budgeting, programming, and continuous improvement at the University.


The University of West Florida Institutional Effectiveness unit seeks to be recognized within UWF and the broader higher education community as a model of excellence and innovation in its areas of responsibility; sought out for its staff’s expertise and as a source of accessible, reliable “institutional intelligence”; and acclaimed for its visible commitment to continuous quality improvement.

The following core values serve as guiding principles for Institutional Effectiveness staff members in their daily work, decision making, and interpersonal interactions:

Institutional Effectiveness Values
Accountability A commitment to accuracy, transparency, efficiency, and the responsible management of data, information, and resources to advance the mission, vision, and effectiveness of the University.
Service A commitment to being responsive, accessible, helpful professionals.
Partnership A belief in the value and necessity of building collaborative, mutually beneficial connections with professional colleagues and community associates.
Integrity A commitment to conducting oneself in a responsible, honest, and ethical manner.
Respect An appreciation of the diversity of people and ideas, which fosters an inclusive environment grounded in kindness and consideration of differing views.
Excellence A commitment to personal and professional development and continuous quality improvement, encouraging individual initiative, creativity, and innovation.