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Consistent use of typography is a simple way to unify the institution’s visual identity. UWF’s primary typefaces were chosen to communicate clearly and provide flexibility in a wide range of situations. To see examples of our brand fonts in action, visit our Brand Gallery and view the Core Brand Institutional projects.

Best Practices for Typography Usage:

The following best practices must be adhered to maintain UWF branding standards. Email with any questions.

  • Type should never be altered by adding strokes, drop shadows or effects. When a heavier weight is desired for various communications, it is important to switch to a heavier version of the font rather than selecting the bold option from the toolbar as this may alter the font.
  • Text in body copy should not be underlined unless it is a link style. When it is a link style, the link color should be consistent and sufficiently differentiated from text copy color.
  • As a general rule, for smaller type the leading should be larger; for larger type the leading should be tighter.
  • When developing digital documents such as a Powerpoint presentation, do not rely upon licensed fonts being installed on your audience's computers. Instead, be sure to save files as PDFs to ensure your audience will be able to view the files accurately. Licensed fonts are not viewable for those without licenses to the fonts, and presentations created on one computer using licensed fonts may not look the same when opened on a different computer that has different fonts installed.