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Athletics (Reserved)

The typefaces for use in Athletics materials were chosen for their strong, bold lines and fierce charisma. While details on their use can be found below, the creation of Athletics materials and use of Athletics fonts is reserved for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Office of Institutional Communications.

Athletics Logo Fonts says UWF Bold Benjamin Regular

Logo Fonts

UWF Bold is a custom typeface created specifically for UWF Athletics logos. Benjamin Regular is used for small text within the logos. Neither font should be used outside of these logos. Limited exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.

Tungsten and Dead Stock Fonts


Tungsten is used as UWF Athletics’ main headline typeface. It should be used primarily in bold or semi-bold, all caps. The differing weights can be used as subheads and headlines on pieces as appropriate. The complimentary script typeface Dead Stock is intended to be used as a decorative headline font and should be used sparingly, in all caps, and in conjunction with Tungsten or Gotham.

Athletics Headline Example says West Florida Football Argonauts

Subheads and Body Copy

Gotham is UWF Athletics’ typeface for use in subheads and body copy, in varying weights and styles as appropriate. Gotham black italic can be used alongside Tungsten with loose tracking for a dramatic pairing.

BCFL TypeTreatment says Building Champions For Life

Building Champions for Life Type Treatment

A combination of Dead Stock and Gotham Black Italic is used to create the Building Champions for Life type treatment. It can be used in any athletic color, however white, Argo Navy or Argo Blue are the preferred colors when possible. This type treatment should not be recreated.