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Primary Brand Fonts in Use

Below is a mock ad showing an example of how our primary brand fonts work together. See more examples in our Brand Gallery.

Example of practical applications of helvetica neue light condensed, gotham bold, gotham black, and gotham book

Improper Use of Brand Fonts

The way UWF brand fonts are used is equally as important as using the correct fonts. In the example below you can see that Helvetica Neue Condensed is being used in the headline, but it’s in a much heavier weight. Below that, Chronicle Deck is being used as the pairing for the secondary headline which would ordinarily be Gotham Black in all caps as shown above. The body copy is using Helvetica Neue Condensed, whereas we use Gotham or Chronical Deck for body copy. The URL is also hard to read using a thin, italicized font. Additionally, this ad is using only stock photos, and they are not composed in a way that is consistent with our visual brand. Each of these inconsistencies work against our strong brand recognition despite using our logo.

graphic showing the improper use of primary brand fonts