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Student Organizations

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Welcome to the home of need-to-know info for student organizations at UWF.

About Student Organizations at UWF

Student organizations play a vital role in the campus life at the University of West Florida, engaging thousands of students in a variety of valuable experiences and relationships. The Student Organizations Team is here to promote student involvement and support our student leaders in achieving organizational and personal goals. This site provides resources for all organizations and students. For more information,  visit ArgoPulse, our online involvement portal (use UWF username and password), the dedicated sites for Sport Clubs and Fraternity & Sorority Life, as well as the departmental websites affiliated with our many Departmental Student Organizations.

Important Dates

First Registration/Renewal Period
April 1st, 8AM - First Friday of the Fall semester, 5PM

Second Registration/Renewal Period
November 10th, 8AM - First Friday of the Spring Semester, 5PM

Registration and Renewal Procedures

What is the difference between registering and renewing an organization?

If an organization is new and has not existed on campus in the past, the students involved with the organization will need to register. Once the organization is fully registered, they may receive the benefits that organizations registered with our office receive.

All currently and formerly Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s) will need to renew their organization each academic year to receive the benefits that come along with being registered through the Student Engagement Office.

Returning organizations needing to renew will navigate to their ArgoPulse Portal and click the pencil in the top right corner to update the organization’s information. The roster of officers and members, faculty/staff advisor, and continued agreement to follow relevant University policies will need to be updated and completed. Keep in mind that your portal should be as up-to-date and detailed as possible as this is what prospective members for your organization will see when looking at ArgoPulse to get involved. This process also determines which students will have access to the EMS Reservations system and other relevant processes. This step should be completed by one of the organization’s officers before transitioning out of their role at the end of the year.

Students registering an organization new to UWF’s campus will log in to ArgoPulse, navigate to the Forms page, and search “Organization Registration”. The student will complete and submit the form. Keep in mind that this form will create the organization’s ArgoPulse Portal, which should be as up-to-date and detailed as possible as this is what prospective members for the organization will see when looking at ArgoPulse to get involved.

All organizations are required to submit a copy of their constitution or by-laws as part of the transition process. This is a required aspect of UWF policies and to comply with a new Florida statute regarding hazing. Every student organization is required to incorporate specific language regarding hazing into their bylaws or constitution in order to be recognized. In addition, there are several terms and warranties organizations must also add to meet UWF requirements. To help in this process we have created a Sample Student Organization Constitution that highlights in bold the required language that must be added. Organizations may use the sample constitution as a starting point for a new constitution or as a reference to add required language into an existing constitution or by-laws. 

Once the portal has been updated/created and submitted, the form/updates will be sent to the organization advisor listed on the form. The advisor will review the information that has been provided by the officer. Once the advisor has reviewed the information, they will either a) deny the request and let the member know of the updates needed to be made before they approve the request, or b) approve the request.

Once the advisor has approved the registration/renewal request, the information will be sent to the Student Organizations Team for review. If the submitted constitution does not adhere to the standards, or if other required steps are not properly completed, the Student Organizations Team may deny the organization’s request. The organization may resubmit the form, and the advisor will have to review and approve the request again. 

If all of the information is correct, the two officers listed on the form will be enrolled into the online SOLD Course via Canvas. We highly recommend that the two officers who complete the course are the president and treasurer, but it is not required. The Advisor may not be listed as an officer to complete the SOLD Course.

Once the Student Organizations Team has reviewed the information provided via the registration form, the two officers listed will be enrolled in the online SOLD Course via Canvas. Both officers must fully complete the course before the registration deadline. If the course is not completed by both officers, the registration/renewal will be denied by the Student Organizations Team and the organization will not have the opportunity to be registered until the next registration/renewal period.

Once both officers have completed the SOLD Couse via Canvas, the Student Organizations Team will approve the registration/renewal form. When this form is fully approved by the Student Organizations Team, organizations will have full access to their ArgoPulse portal, Forms, and EMS. The organization members and officers will not be able to access any of these until the registration/renewal is completed in full.

Benefits of Registration

University of West Florida students have the right to free association, to form and join groups/organizations to pursue a variety of purposes with or without recognition by the University. However, you must have registered status in order to receive those benefits such as; use of an ArgoPulse Portal, access to EMS, and more listed below.

  • Ability to reserve University facilities, including building rooms and grounds at no cost or significantly reduced costs.
  • Eligibility to request Activity and Service Fee funds through the Student Government Association on an annual basis.
  • Support and guidance through the professionals in Student Involvement.
  • Eligibility to participate in University or departmental sponsored student organization fairs and other promotional events.
  • Use of ArgoPulse for internal and external organization management, communication, and promotion.
  • One Argonet account specific to your organization (provides an email address).
  • Eligibility to participate in a variety of programming offered through Student Involvement.


Things to Consider

Students wishing to register a new student organization will need the following prior to submitting a registration request:

  • At least five students willing to participate as members and officers of the organization. Note that students must meet the student leader eligibility criteria to serve as an officer.
  • A full-time UWF faculty or staff member who has agreed to serve as the Faculty/Staff Advisor.
  • Organization policies, processes, and bylaws, including membership requirements, officer positions and selection, standing committees, etc.
  • Is this org already on campus?
    • Search the list of currently active registered student organizations in ArgoPulse. The organization you are interested in may already have an active presence and registered status on campus.
  • Has this org been on campus in the past?
    • Contact to find out. If the organization was previously registered, we might have records on file that will help you with the registration process.

Sample Student Organization Constitution

Any current student may submit a registration request by logging into ArgoPulse, selecting "Forms" in the top right corner and selecting "Organization Registration." Be sure to have all of your prepared documents and information ready before you complete the registration form including the name and email address of your advisor, a cover photo for the organization, and a total of five members' names along with their email addressed.

After the registration request has been submitted, the form will then be sent via email to the organization's Advisor. The Advisor will then be prompted to approve the registration form. After the SOLD Workshop attendance requirement has been fulfilled, the Student Organizations Team will approve the registration form and the organization's portal will be live in ArgoPulse. The officers may request a meeting with a member of the Student Organizations Team to review the process, relevant policies, and upcoming opportunities related to student organizations. As long as a similar organization does not already exist on campus, the organization's request meets the relevant policy requirements, and the organization's leaders agree to follow these and other relevant policies, the organization will be approved. The organization will not be considered fully registered until they have completed all registration requirements including the SOLD Course.


Benefits of Registration

In registering through Student Involvement, student organizations benefit from a variety of support and resources.


What happens if my organization does not complete the renewal process?

All current Registered Student Organizations must renew at least once during the academic year in order to maintain registered status and receive the Benefits of Registration. Any organization that does not complete the renewal process by the deadline will not receive registered status and will have to wait until the next registration/renewal period. Organizations must complete the registration requirements and complete the SOLD Course before they will be considered registered.

The organization must abide by all policies, procedures, terms and conditions set forth by Student Engagement. The organization must also abide by the Student Code of Conduct. For any questions or concerns, please contact