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Student Organization Events

Campus Reservations

Spaces and facilities for on-campus events and meetings should be reserved via the EMS Web Services application in MyUWF. Student Organization officers in Argo Pulse will be provided an EMS user account. Reservations must generally be submitted at least three weeks in advance of the event date. For more information, contact

Catering on the University's Pensacola campus is exclusive to the University's provider of contracted food services, currently Aramark. The catering policy establishes the catering definitions, restrictions, and requirements for the University of West Florida main campus. This policy has been revised and updated to reflect current University practice.


Off-campus vendors may deliver food/drink orders or the order may be picked up by student organization members. Catering is the act of setup, serving and removing and must be done by student organization members or University of West Florida Dining Services.

Student Organizations may wish and are encouraged to provide food/drinks at their events and/or meetings. There are four ways for organizations to provide food/drinks to their members and/or participants:

  • Catered by University Dining Services, currently Aramark
  • Catered by an approved caterer other than University Dining Services (except within the University Commons)
  • Prepared by the sponsor
  • Purchased from an approved off-campus source and either picked up or delivered but not catered (i.e., setup, served and removed)

NOTE: Off-campus vendors may not stay to set up or serve food/drinks unless approved to do so.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that food and beverages provided and served on the property of the University of West Florida meet all licensing and regulation requirements of the Florida Department of Health, the Escambia County Health Department, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and the UWF Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S).

University Policy FIN-10.01-07/17

A. This policy does not apply to internal events and is not intended to limit the ability of departments and organizations to provide refreshments for events and activities generally available only to members of that department or organization (for example, potluck gatherings, department or organization meetings, etc.).

B. In the case where a student organization or department plans to provide food at a closed event or activity, the following rules apply:

1. Any food or beverage prepared and served by the sponsoring group must be procured from an approved source. to maximize food safety, food and beverage preparation must comply with the Florida Department of Health requirements and any additional requirements of EH&S (including the provision that seafood, shellfish, chicken, and pork are not allowed to be cooked/prepared on campus and must instead be procured from an approved source already cooked).

2. Any food or beverage purchased already prepared must be purchased from an approved food provider.

3. An approved caterer must provide any food catered for an event or activity. See FIN07.0211/16 Catering Policy for the definition of catering and other related requirements.

4. Registered Student Organizations (including fraternities and sororities) are required to officially register any event with the Student Involvement that includes food and beverages, regardless of how they are provided.

C. For the purpose of this policy, events and activities sponsored by Housing and Residence Life (including staff and student council events) are considered internal events.

D. For the purpose of this policy, tailgating at athletic events by individuals, student organizations, and departments are considered an internal event.

E. Food and beverage service of any kind at any public event (function, fundraiser, or program) by any individual or vendor other than the authorized university food vendors is permitted only with written approval from EH&S. In some cases (as determined by EH&S) these events may require further review by the Department of Health (DOH). This policy applies whether food and beverages are sold or served free.

F. Student Organization bake sales are permitted and must be registered with Student Involvement and comply with applicable fundraising policies. Bake sale goods may not contain spoilable ingredients or those with high moisture content, such as cream cheese, whipped cream, fruit toppings, or any other ingredient that requires temperature control to maintain food safety standards. All bake sale items must either be purchased from an approved source or, if homemade, conform to the requirements of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Cottage Food Operations in Section 500.80(5), Florida Statutes.

For more information on Food Safety, please visit the UWF Environmental Health and Safety website.