State Employee Tuition Fee Waivers

State Employee Tuition Fee Waiver policies, procedures and registration.

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Tuition Fee Waiver Information

Please read the State Employee Fee Waiver legislation (s.1009.265) prior to registering for courses.

For additional information and step-by-step instructions please see Using the State Employee Tuition Waiver.

♦ UWF employees using their Employee Tuition Fee Waiver SHOULD NOT follow the policy on this page but should instead contact Human Resources at 850-474-2694 or  


State Employee Waiver FAQs

It is critical to confirm the dates State employees can register using the State waiver benefit. If you register prior to the designated State waiver registration period, you will assume all financial liability for any courses you register for. Please read all information regarding State employee tuition fee waiver policies and procedures before proceeding.

Effective Fall 2013, the following fees, where assessed will NOT be covered by the state employee waiver:

  • Online Fee
  • Transportation Access Fee
  • Material & Supply Fee
  • Equipment Fee
  • Lab Fee

Assessment of these fees varies based on individual circumstances and courses selected. Questions may be addressed via email to or by phone at (850) 474-3035.

  Summer 2019 Fall 2019
Spring 2020 Summer 2020



(During the drop/add period only)

Part of Term 1 & 2:
May 13 - 19 (CST)
Part of Term 1 & 2:
August 26 - Sept. 1 (CST)
Part of Term 1 & 2:
January 6 - 12 (CST)
Part of Term 1 & 2:
May 11 - 17 (CST)
Part of Term 3:
June 27 - July 3 (CST))
Part of Term 3:
October 21 - 27 (CST)
Part of Term 3:
March 2 - 8 (CST)
Part of Term 3:
June 25 - July 1 (CST)
Part of Term 4:
June 12 - 19 (CST)


Part of Term 4:
June 10 - 17 (CST)  


Form Submission Deadline: Immediately after registration (during the drop/add period)

NOTE: If you're registering for Parts of Term 5-9 or 90, registration can be completed beginning with the drop/add period for Part of Term 1. See the Academic Calendar for Part of Term 1 dates.

For further information, review Understanding Parts of Term

Additional Questions? Please e-mail the Office of the Registrar at


Am I eligible to register?

In order to register for classes, a student must be admitted to the University. Students who have not been enrolled for one year or more must re-apply for admission. State employees must meet current admission criteria and application deadlines. Students may apply online at State employees must only register during the state employee registration period if requesting a waiver of tuition.

How do I search for courses?

Students may search for courses online using the Course Search app in MyUWF. The online course search lists courses which are offered in a specific semester or term. This service allows students to search for courses in a variety of ways, including by instructor, location, days and/or times, and campus. Course and reference numbers must match the course name(s) listed on the UWF State Employee Tuition Fee Waiver to ensure the appropriate fees are waived.

When and where do I submit my approved tuition fee waiver and registration form?

Each semester of participation, students must submit a new UWF State Employee Tuition Fee Waiver form after course registration (during the drop/add period). Students are responsible for outstanding fees for course(s) which do not match the authorized waiver form. In such cases, appropriate late registration fees and late payment fees will also be assessed. Approved alternate courses are encouraged and must be listed on the waiver form for consideration. UWF will accept scanned copies at or faxed copies to 850.473.7345.

When can I register?

Students will process their own registration beginning the first day of classes and all through the end of the drop/add period.  Once the State Employee registration period begins, the Office of the Registrar will review submitted forms for registration compliance and remove any late registration fees. The Cashier's Office will verify employment and eligibility requirements and process tuition waivers. State Employee tuition fee waivers will be processed beginning the first day of classes through the end of the drop/add period.

Please do not attempt to register prior to the State Employee registration dates or the waiver of tuition is not applicable.

What courses are not covered by the state employee tuition fee waiver program?

• Thesis
• Dissertation
• Internship
• Directed Independent Study
• Practicum
• Music and Theatre Performance
• Continuing Education (non-degree seeking students)
• Other one-on-one course situations

Can I take Continuing Education courses with my state employee tuition waiver?

As of Fall 2018: Any Degree Seeking student can use the State Employee Tuition Waiver (if eligible) regardless if the student is in a Continuing Education or Non-Continuing Education program or course. Degree Seeking students using the State Waiver may now take Continuing Education courses whether they are in an Academic Partnership program or not.

This doesn't include Senior Citizen Waivers or the Non-Resident Waiver, Out of State Tuition Waiver, Veterans Waivers, and the Active Duty Out-of-State Waiver.

How will I know my registration has been completed?

Class schedules may be retrieved through the MyUWF Student Records folder.

How will I know my waiver was applied?

Students may review their account balance online by accessing MyUWF and using the Account Balance app in the Financial Resources folder. Fees will be assessed with a balance due until compliance and eligibility have been approved and the fee waiver applied. The fee system generally updates during the week of drop/add.

Why do I have an account balance?

Beginning Fall 2013, certain fees are not covered by the State Waiver program. Therefore, your account balance may include additional fees. Failure to pay your account balance by the deadline may cause a late fee to be assessed and/or result in the cancellation of registration.