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Course Search

Students can search for courses and view a course syllabus before registering.

UWF Students

Refer to searching for courses for students.  

Use Syllabus Viewer to view a course syllabus prior to registration.


  1. Access the Public Course Search.
  2. Select the term in the Search by Term drop down box and click Submit.
  3. At least one Subject must be selected.
    1. To select more than one subject, click on the first subject of interest, then hold down the Ctrl Key and click on as many other subjects as desired while holding down the Ctrl Key.
    2. To select all subjects, click on the first subject in this list, then hold down the Shift Key and press the Page Down key as many times as it takes to highlight all subjects until you get to the end of the list.
  4. To find only on-line course sections, click on Online Campus in the Campus box.
    1. Other filters can be selected as well to narrow down the search (e.g. Course Level).
  5. Click the Class Search button at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Once the results appear, click on a course title for additional information such as course capacity, instructor, etc.