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In the column to the right are links to step-by-step instructions that will help students register for classes in MyUWF.

Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead is a tool designed to assist students with creating an ideal class schedule, taking in to account any other regularly scheduled events or day/time preferences a student may have. Please see our instructions for using Plan Ahead.

Registration Timeline

Students begin receiving notifications through emails and My Messages in MyUWF pertaining to registration for the upcoming semester approximately three weeks prior to registration. These notifications include information about the registration process including Time Tickets, Advising PINs, and Holds.

For registration dates, visit the Academic Calendar.

Time Tickets: Students are assigned a Time Ticket indicating the starting day and time that their registration is available. Registration begins at 8 a.m. during the first week of registration. For more information go to Time Tickets.

Advising PINs: All degree-seeking students should be assigned an advising PIN by their advisor, which students will enter when registering for classes. Non-degree students are not required to have a PIN. For more information go to Advising PINs

Holds: Students must agree to the Financial Responsibility Statement they receive in My Messages in MyUWF. If a student does not agree to this message, a Financial Responsibility Hold will prevent registration. For more information go to Holds.

New freshmen students must attend Orientation prior to registration. For additional information, please see the Orientation website. Please use the Student Schedule Organization Tools for assistance with organizing your schedule.

For step-by-step instructions, go to the Student Registration Checklist

Degree Applicable Courses

The UWF Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships cannot award financial aid to a student for classes that do not count toward his/her degree or minor program. U.S. Department of Education regulation states that classes not counting towards a student’s degree or other recognized credential cannot be used to determine Title IV aid eligibility.

Any student who receives financial aid for classes that do not count towards their degree program will be liable for any funds that need to be returned to the Department of Education.