Fall 2014 Student Registration

Attention UWF Students! Registration for the Fall 2014 semester has changed! In the column to the right are links to step-by-step instructions that will help students register for Fall in MyUWF.

Fall Registration Timeline

In March, students began receiving notifications in emails and My Messages in MyUWF pertaining to the Fall 2014 semester. These notifications included information about changes in the Fall registration process including Time Tickets, Advising PINs, and Holds for Fall.

Time Tickets: Students assigned are Time Ticket indicating the starting day and time that their registration for Fall courses is available. Registration begins at 7 A.M. instead of Midnight during the first week of registration. For more information go to Time Tickets

Advising PINs: Advising PINs will replace the current Advising Hold. If students are degree-seeking, their advisor must assign an Advising PIN, which students will enter when registering for classes. Non-degree students are not required to have a PIN. For more information go to Advising PINs

Holds: Students must agree to the Financial Responsibility Statement they receive in My Messages in MyUWF. If a student does not agree to this message, a Financial Responsibility Hold will prevent registration. For more information go to Holds.    

Summer registration began on March 31. The registration process for Summer courses was the same, as previous semesters, except the apps in MyUWF were labeled for Summer.

Fall 2014 Registration is now open to all returning degree-seeking students and graduate students. New freshmen and transfer students must attend Orientation prior to registration. For additional information, please see the Orientation website. Undergraduate non-degree student registration will begin August 4th at 7 A.M.
No Trial Schedule: Beginning Fall 2014 there will no longer be a trial schedule. Please use the Student Schedule Organization Tools for assistance with organizing your schedule. 

Prerequisites: For Fall 2014 only, prerequisites being taken during Summer 2014 will NOT be recognized as prerequisites for Fall 2014 registration. If you are taking a prerequisite for the Fall during the Summer, you will need to get a prerequisite override from the department that owns the course in order to register for the Fall course. 

As the University transitions from the old registration system to the new system, we advise students to pay close attention to the labels on MyUWF apps. Spring/Summer 2014 apps will go to the old system, while Fall 2014 apps will go to the new system. For more information on Fall 2014 registration changes, go to the Student Registration Checklist. For more information on registration dates, go to Academic Calendars 2014-2015.