Students researching artifacts related to the Luna settlement

Welcome to the forward-thinking, innovative side of Florida.

Get ready to make some waves. At the University of West Florida, we see change and rush forward. Because we see change as inspirational: A source of ideas and insights, startups and breakthroughs, innovation and collaboration. We see change coming, faster than ever, and we’re ready for it. Because we’re leading it.

We’re the place where bright minds come together in Northwest Florida.
Founded in 1963, the University of West Florida is in Pensacola, with multiple locations throughout Northwest Florida. UWF offers more than 45 undergraduate degree programs, 25 master’s degree programs, two specialist degrees and a doctorate in education.

We’re transforming lives with a close-knit academic experience.
UWF has a student population of 13,000 and an average class size of less than 40 students.

We’re collaborating in the community with a progressive spirit.
In 2015, UWF was recognized for its community engagement by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

We’re leading economic impact with innovative programs.
UWF generates approximately $1.47 billion in total annual sales across the Florida economy.

The University of West Florida. Sea Change.