Preferred First Name

The university recognizes that as a community many of its members use names other than their legal names to identify themselves. As long as the use of this different name is not for the purposes of misrepresentation, the university acknowledges that a “preferred first name” can and should be used wherever possible in the course of university business and education. In order to provide a safe, inclusive and nondiscriminatory community, UWF faculty and staff should use a student's preferred first name whenever possible.

Therefore, it is the intent of the university that any student, active or retired faculty or staff member, or alumni may choose to identify themselves within the university’s information systems with a preferred first name in addition to the person's’ legal name. The university will use its best efforts to ensure the preferred first name is used whenever possible. The individual is free to determine the preferred first name he or she wants to be known by in the university’s information systems. However, inappropriate use of the preferred first name process (including but not limited to avoiding a legal obligation or misrepresentation) may be cause for denying the request.

The individual may prefer to be called a name that is different than the legal name. Also, it may be the desire to have this name replace a legal name in the MyUWF Directory profile and in other university records and documents. The university allows this by setting a preferred first name.  The preferred first name can be set via MyUWF access, and it will then appear in the individuals directory profile and other select records.  Some records, such as paychecks, that require use of a legal name, may not accept a preferred first name. However, whenever possible, a preferred first name will be used.

How do I add a preferred first name?

Please see Adding a Preferred First Name for instructions. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to enter a preferred first name?

No. This is a there as a service for people who wish to be known by something other than their primary/legal name. If you regularly use your primary/legal name, then please do not enter a preferred first name.

Can I set my preferred first name to whatever I want?

Yes, but the university reserves the right to remove a preferred first name if it is used inappropriately (such as for misrepresentation, joking, exaggeration, tasteless, improper, offensive use, etc...).

Can I use my preferred first name for everything at UWF?

Preferred first names will only be used in cases where the legal name is not absolutely necessary. Examples of where your primary/legal name is necessary include, but are not limited to, financial aid documents, student accounts, payroll, and official transcripts.

Who can set a preferred first name?

If you set your preferred first name at the point of application to UWF and have not yet created a UWF account (email and ID) then you will need to contact the Office of Admissions (Undergraduate applications) or Graduate Admissions (Graduate applications) for assistance in updating your preferred first name.

If you are a current student or have already activated your UWF ID and User name then preferred first names are set using MyUWF access, only those individuals with access to MyUWF can set preferred first names.

I don’t want my legal name to show up in MyUWF or my profiles. Can I hide it?

You cannot hide your name. Your legal name will continue to be displayed, even if you have set a preferred first name.

Can I use my preferred first name on my transcript?

No, the official transcript is an official document that is attached to your legal name and is the primary form utilized by the university to show proof of enrollment, grades and graduation.

Can I use my preferred first name on my diploma?

Yes, UWF will allow a student to use a preferred first name on the diploma.  However, keep in mind that a diploma is also an official document that sometimes is required to show proof of graduation and is many times the preferred way to do so (especially for international students).

As a result, you may want to consider listing your legal name as your Diploma Name when filing for graduation instead of a using a Preferred First Name.  If you choose to list a name other than your legal name you will be required to pay for a replacement diploma if you determine that you need to reflect your legal name at a later date.

How do I correct or change my legal name for university systems?
Will my preferred first name appear on my instructors' rosters?


Will my preferred first name appear in the UWF Campus Directory?


Will my Nautilus Card displaying my preferred first name be acceptable identification for all campus activities?

It will be for most campus activities. However, there are some situations that will require you to present identification with your legal name (Testing Center exams, proctored exams, etc.) In these cases, you will need to provide alternate identification showing your legal name.