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Printing In The Libraries

The student uPrint system is managed and operated by UWF Business and Auxiliary Services.

Account Information

Signing into a library computer with your Argonet account will automatically connect you to the uPrint system and printers.

Using uPrint

Complete your work as you usually would. When you are ready to print, use the application's print button to bring up the list of printers you can access.

In this case, the selected printer is Stu_BW_Follow_Me_Print.  If you wanted to print your job in color, you would have to select the Stu_Color_Follow_Me_Print printer. Once you have made your selection press the "Print" button to send your job to the system.  You can visit any uPrint kiosk or multifunction device on campus to pay for and "release" (print) your job.

Print jobs remain on the print queue server for 240 minutes/4 hours.  Jobs not printed during this window will be automatically canceled.

Guest printing is not available at this time (Argonet accounts are required for all print jobs).

Print Payment And Pricing

UWF Nautilus Card ARGObucks is the only method of payment accepted on uPrint.  There are multiple ways for you to add funds to your Nautilus Card. When you use  a library computer a "widget" shows your available balance (example shown).

Standard 8.5 x 11 (Letter) Printing
Single-Side Pricing
  Black & White: $0.11
  Color: $0.48
Duplex Pricing
  Black & White: $0.18
  Color: $0.82
8.5 x 14 (Legal) Printing
Single-Side Pricing
  Black & White: $0.11
  Color: $0.49
Duplex Pricing
  Black & White: $0.18
  Color: $0.83
11 x 17 (Tabloid) Printing
Single-Side Pricing
  Black & White: $0.16
  Color: $0.90
Duplex Pricing
  Black & White: $0.32
  Color: $1.80


Library uPrint Locations

You can pick up your uPrint print jobs at any uPrint device or kiosk.  Library-specific locations are listed below.

John C. Pace Library

  • 1st Floor
    • 1 ADA kiosk near the ADA workstation.
    • 1 multifunction device near the SMART Boards.
    • 2 multifunction devices near the reference collection.
  • 2nd Floor
    • 1 ADA kiosk near the Great Good Place/elevators.
    • 1 ADA kiosk near "curved" study area overlooking the front entrance.
  • 3rd Floor
    • 1 ADA kiosk near the elevators.
  • 5th Floor
    • 1 multifunction device in the Skylab.

Emerald Coast Library

  • 1 multifunction device near the coffee shop entrance.

Professional Studies Library

  • 1 multifunction device inside the PSL copy room.

Help And Support

If a print job fails to print or the output is unsatisfactory (e.g. smeared or unreadable text) you can request a refund by emailing Please include your username, UWF ID number, a description of the issue, and how many pages were affected.

If you have other questions not addressed here, please visit the uPrint page in the Confluence Public Knowledge Base.