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Access From Off Campus

Student using library resources remotely while relaxing on the beach.

We provide a number of resources (databases, online journals, restricted course reserves, etc.) that may be accessed only by current University of West Florida (UWF) students, faculty and staff. If you are using a computer on campus you'll automatically be given full access to available resources.

If you wish to use these resources from off-campus, we must authenticate you as a valid user before connecting you to the service. We do this by asking you to login using valid Argonet or Nautilus Card credentials and then sending your traffic through an on-campus server.


If you access the internet via satellite broadband please read the information below!

We use an industry-standard piece of software called EZProxy to re-write parts of certain web pages so that we can make sure only UWF-affiliated users have access to paid library resources (we are required to do this as part of our agreements with vendors). Users of satellite broadband all over the world have reported various issues accessing library resources (this is not limited to UWF and it does not appear to be linked to any one particular satellite broadband provider). Sometimes this problem manifests itself as a page that will refuse to load or a page that loads incompletely or is “scrambled”. If you use satellite broadband and you’re experiencing problems accessing library resources you may have to disable web acceleration/turbo-boost/caching for your connection. Depending on your provider you may be able to do this yourself via an online control panel or you may have to contact your provider directly.