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Course Textbooks And Reserves

The "Reserves" collections contain items with greater circulation restrictions than most other materials available for checkout. Types of materials include course textbooks, DVDs, videotapes, CD or tape audio-book materials, resources in high demand (e.g., test preparation manuals such as GRE study guides), and materials with multi-media components.

Search For Textbooks/Reserves Materials

An enhanced search interface with autocomplete is available on the library homepage under the "Course Textbooks / Course Reserves" search section.

Course Textbooks - Information For Students

To aid in student retention and assist with textbook affordability, the John C. Pace Library has purchased those textbooks faculty have listed as required for all undergraduate (1000-4000 level) courses offered in this semester. Lab manuals, workbooks, and access codes are not included.

Textbooks may be checked out at the Circulation Desk. Please have your Nautilus Card with you to check out materials. Textbooks may be checked out for 2 hours, with renewals managed on a case-by-case basis. You may check out 3 textbooks at a time.

Course Textbooks - Information For Faculty

Program Information

To aid in student retention and assist with textbook affordability, the John C. Pace Library launched a pilot project in 2015 to provide select textbooks on reserve. This project was expanded to include required textbooks for all 1000- through 4000-level courses. A significant benefit of this project is that undergraduate students will have access to course-required textbooks and be able to complete class assignments.

To assist with getting the word out to students, please include a statement in your syllabus about the project. We suggest wording similar to the following:

"The textbook(s) for this course are available on Reserve at the Circulation Desk at the John C. Pace Library for a 2-hour loan period (books must stay in the Library). Please take advantage of this resource, but remember that copies of textbooks for each course are limited and may be used by another student, particularly right before an assignment or reading is due, so plan your textbook use accordingly."

How Does It Work

The Textbook Reserves Specialist begins processing all requested materials immediately after the 45-day deadline every semester. This data arrives straight from the UWF Bookstore in the form of an HEOA extract, which is public information pursuant to federal law. From there, the Textbook Reserves Specialist ascertains whether eligible materials (e.g., required undergraduate materials available for purchase) are already owned for the program. If the item has not already been purchased, the Textbook Reserves Specialist pushes the item forward to Acquisitions. This process repeats for all eligible materials.

Is Your Course Included?

The Textbook Reserves Program carries most required undergraduate textbooks and readings; we acquire our reserves shortly before the beginning of each semester. Notable exceptions to this program include materials available only by way of an access code, books only available for rental at the request of their publishers, graduate-level textbooks, workbooks, lab manuals, and texts unavailable through the campus bookstore or verified online vendors. If you wish to donate or have already donated materials to circumvent the difficulty in acquiring one or more of your required materials, thank you!

Textbooks Reserves vs. Course Reserves

Here are a few comparisons to help demarcate the Textbook Reserves and the Course Reserves and how they complement each other:

  • Textbooks only loan for 2 hours, but the course reserves may have the loan period set by the contributing faculty member.
  • The library will purchase all required textbooks for 1000-4000 level classes. If you have any supplementary material that you would like available to the student body free of charge, course reserves are the way to go. Simply fill out the form below and drop off the material.
  • Also, if you have an extra copy of the textbook for your class, providing the library with the extra copy will ensure your students access to this material. As noted, the library will be purchasing only one copy per class.

Would You Like To Place Materials On Reserve?

In the event that the Textbook Reserves program cannot acquire your materials (e.g., you teach a graduate course), you are still able to donate a personal copy to the UWF Library. To place items on reserve, please complete the form below.

Course Reserves

Materials assigned by faculty for specific class use are placed in the Course Reserves collection. Course Reserves materials include print and online articles, instructor-owned and library copies of books, video and audio works, and streaming video selections requested by instructors. You can submit the online form below to request materials be placed in our Course Reserves collection.

Allow 3-5 days for processing print/physical items. Allow 10 working days to deliver all streaming and other electronically-served materials.

Textbooks: "Instructor's Edition" versions or complimentary copies from publishers can be hosted in Course Reserves, provided the item does not state "For Review Only" or similar limitation in its copyright declaration.

Contact Michael Pace at with all questions about our Course Reserves program.