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Technology Loans

The UWF Libraries has a wide variety of equipment for students, faculty, and staff to use outside of the library for learning or other work related to the University's Strategic Plan.

Some items we loan have unique requirements so these items have specific pages for them:

Equipment Availability

Below is an availability listing for our most popular equipment, the location of the items (color coded), and the checkout term (or length). Due to limited availability, no renewals are permitted for any equipment type.

Other Equipment & Accessories

These items are only available at the Pace Library (Building 32).

Item Loan Period
Portable Projector Screen 2-day
USB Document Camera Semester
Student Response "Clickers" (Class Set) Semester
Camera Tripod 48-hour
SMART Board Accessories All Day
Yeti USB Microphone 3-day
Stylus Pen 7-day
Wacom Intuos Tablet 7-day
SD Card Reader 48-hour
USB Headset (w/ Microphone) 7-day
Apple Laptop Charger 24-hour
Ethernet Cord 24-hour
HP Laptop Charger 24-hour
Wired Computer Mouse 7-day


Eligibility and Responsibilities

The University of West Florida Libraries' equipment may be checked out by currently enrolled UWF students and currently employed UWF faculty and staff who have and present a valid, readable Nautilus Card, maintain library accounts that are in good standing, and who read, agree to, and sign an equipment loan agreement. Students may check out only one of each type of equipment per checkout.

The working condition of the equipment is assessed by library staff before checkout and upon its return. Upon checkout, the borrower assumes full responsibility for the equipment and all its components. Library staff strongly recommends and requests that borrowers inspect the equipment they are checking out before leaving the Circulation Desk so that they may immediately report any problems with the equipment. This action is an added measure meant to protect you, the borrower; once you have checked out the equipment and left the Circulation Desk, you become monetarily responsible for any damage to and/or loss or theft of the loaned equipment.

Borrower Responsibilities Include:

  • Noting the time and date that equipment is due and ensuring the secure and prompt return of equipment checked out to them. Calling to tell library staff that you will be late returning the equipment will not prevent fines from accruing.
  • Equipment must be checked out and dropped off during regular business hours at the owning library's Circulation Desk. For example, John C. Pace Library equipment cannot be returned to the Professional Studies Library or the Emerald Coast Campus Library or placed in campus drop boxes and vice versa. Equipment will NOT be shipped to distance learners or to remote faculty and staff.
  • Equipment MUST be inspected for damage, proper working condition, and any accessories loaned with the equipment before being checked in and the loan being removed from the borrower's library account. Equipment returned without its accompanying accessories will not be checked in until all parts have been returned.
  • Equipment borrowed on behalf of another student does not exempt the original borrower from the responsibility for the item. The original borrower will be held liable for any late fees, damages, or inappropriate returns of library equipment.
  • If the borrowed equipment is damaged or lost, the borrower is required to report this information to one of the people listed below immediately; if the borrowed equipment is stolen, the borrower is required to report this information to the police immediately as well as reporting the information to one of the people listed below.

Matt Meehan - Circulation Equipment Coordinator ( / 850.857.6164)

Billy Nelson - Circulation Supervisor ( / 850.474.2469)

Michelle Finley - Circulation Department Head ( / 850.474.2413)

Violation of these responsibilities may result in the temporary suspension of the borrower's equipment loan privileges for up to 6 months. These violations are as follows:

  • Returning library equipment through any of our campus drop boxes.
  • Leaving library equipment unattended or abandoned in or outside of the library.
  • Failure to report any problems with, damage to, or the loss/theft of equipment immediately to library staff.
  • Failure to return library equipment before it becomes 7 days past due.
  • Failure to respond to library communication (via email or phone).

Please note that other forms of equipment-related misconduct may also result in an equipment block and will be considered case-by-case.

Personal Data

The University of West Florida Libraries are not responsible for any lost data or documents. The borrower is responsible for saving files to a USB flash drive or other memory devices.

Any data or documents saved to library laptops will be permanently erased upon shutdown. When using a laptop or iPad, borrowers may sync additional data and applications, understanding that all data added by the borrower will be erased when the laptop is shut down or the iPad is returned. Any additional applications, media, or software purchased by the borrower during the loan period must be done with the borrower's money and is not the responsibility of the University of West Florida Libraries.

Damage Fees

Borrowers will be assessed fees for any/all damages. Fees will be recorded on the borrower's library account and the borrower's university account and may result in library borrowing restrictions as well as university restrictions on things such as registration and graduation.

Please note, if equipment is seven days past due, the library will apply the full replacement cost to the borrower's library and university accounts until the item is returned. The borrower may lose equipment loan privileges for up to 6 months.