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Mission, Vision, And Strategic Initiatives

July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2025

Mission Statement
The UWF Libraries' purpose is to provide information-related resources and services to support the University of West Florida's learning, teaching, research, and community service missions. It intends to inspire the total individual, encouraging personal, social and intellectual growth through the acquisition of information and knowledge.

The Libraries will be an innovative, inspiring and vital component in the academic life of the University.

Strategic Initiatives

Student Centered and Focused
Provide student focused services, content, and assistance to support research and learning, regardless of geographic location.


  • Develop a First Year Experience program to support FTIC and Transfer students
  • Provide a diverse range of physical and online library resources, tutorials, modules, and research guides to provide flexible learning options
  • Support the use and creation of open educational resources to provide cost-effective course materials to students
  • Develop and implement a communication plan to inform faculty and students about relevant library services and collections

Employee Success
Attract, retain, support, and develop diverse employees who value continuous learning and improvement in support of organizational mission and goals.


  • Improve onboarding for library employees
  • Provide flexible schedules when possible
  • Support professional development
  • Align annual evaluations with mission and goals

Exceptional Academic Programming and Scholarship Aligned with State Needs
Support student learning, research, and creativity through collections, resource sharing, research support, and comprehensive information literacy programming so students can learn information and critical thinking skills that will assist them in their coursework and throughout their careers.


  • Review changes to programs/majors to inform collections, instruction, and research support provided to faculty and students.
  • Partner with OUR to support undergraduate research through use of tags and metadata in Esploro to highlight faculty mentors
  • Coordinate a comprehensive information literacy program
  • Provide access to diverse collections onsite as well as online
  • Develop a collection assessment plan to consistently and comprehensively review collections for relevancy to the curriculum

Community and Economic Engagement
Provide access to resources, information literacy support, and relevant programming to the surrounding community.


  • Develop a regular schedule of programs that highlight faculty scholarship and relevant community resources to promote resources and increase outreach to the local community
  • Provide outreach to local high schools and IB programs to promote resources available to those student populations
  • Provide programming highlighting library resources and faculty scholarship that could also be of interest to local community

Ensure space and resources are being used efficiently and effectively, providing a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment.


  • Replace PSL desk
  • Fund ADA compliant door openers on carrels where possible
  • Refresh signage throughout the building to improve wayfinding
  • Update technology where needed

Operational Excellence
Ensure services and processes are continuously improved for efficiency and best use of technology where possible.


  • Fully implement Alma and Analytics to provide needed data for evidence-based decisions
  • Review hours based on gate counts and current student needs
  • Review services to ensure current needs are being met

Culture of Inclusion and Civility
Provide a welcoming and inclusive environment that is equitable and respectful of all.


  • Technical Services metadata remediation projects
  • Regular collection audits to ensure a balanced collection that provides a broad range of perspectives and voices
  • Regular customer service training for all library employees that encourages equitable policies, procedures, and provision of services
  • Provide intentional programming that highlights our diverse collections, faculty expertise, faculty and student creative works, and fosters civil discourse