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Library Preferred Name Change

Our library management system (the system that keeps track of loaned items like books and equipment) allows for users to specify a preferred name.  By default, everyone's preferred name is set to match their legal name as recorded and supplied by UWF data sources.  If you would like for your preferred name to be changed in our library management system please fill out the form below.

Please note that the following caveats apply:

  • The name change we process after you submit this form only impacts our library management system. Other library services "hook" into UWF's data sources directly and this change will not be represented there.  Examples include the name displayed on computers you use in the library or the Interlibrary Loan system.
  • If you want to update your legal name across all UWF systems please follow the steps outlined in this - Changing your name, social security number, gender, or date of birth - Confluence article.