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Library Charges Appeal Form

All borrowers are responsible for library materials charged to their account and are subject to overdue fines, replacement costs and charges for damaged or mutilated materials. Library users may appeal specific fines and bills within 30 days of billing. Appeals may be submitted by using this online form. Acceptable basis for Library's consideration of an appeal are:

  • Circumstances beyond the control of the borrower caused the late return, loss or damage of library materials. (Substantiating documentation, i.e. police reports, hospital bills, etc. must be submitted).
  • Library error in processing the transaction.

The following reasons are NOT generally regarded as valid for cancelling or reducing charges:

  • Forgetting or not knowing due dates, amount of fines, or Library policy.
  • Disagreeing with fee structure or Library policy.
  • Loaning the item to a third party, or checking material out on their behalf.
  • Being too busy or out of town.
  • Claiming that your need was greater than that of another patron's, or that you were not done with an item.
  • Not receiving or not reading courtesy notices, overdue notices, or other library communications sent to your Argonet account.
  • Transportation problems.
  • Financial problems.

The Circulation Accounts Coordinator will review appeals with final disposition made by the Department Head, or designee.

Possible outcomes of an appeal include:

  • Denial of appeal.
  • Charges reduced to a percentage of the original bill.
  • Appeal accepted and account cleared of the specific charge.

All payments must be remitted to the University Cashier's Office.