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Skylab Main Lab (Room 504)

The room is equipped with Dell OptiPlex Core i7 PCs, your choice of twin or single monitor workstations and WEPA print station. Electric outlets and data ports for laptops and other devices, spaces for group work, scanning equipment for various media, and e-classroom capabilities. Come and complete your assignments or work on group projects in a wireless environment. 

Personal assistance with computer software and hardware is available. Experienced library staff and students are available to assist you with the software and hardware located in the Skylab.

The main lab is an open lab environment and students are permitted to speak in a normal voice tone while working on group projects. However, this area is a production lab. If you are disturbing others from their work you may be asked to quiet down. Cell phone calls of long duration should be conducted in the lobby area. If you are using headphones or earbuds you will need to keep the volume down to a level where no one else can hear your audio/music while in the Skylab.

Mornings are generally quiet in the main lab. As the day progresses, more students frequent Skylab and more activity equates to more noise so keep this in mind.

The main lab is a multi-use area and occasionally classes are held in room 504. Depending on the instructor and the number of students attending the class you may or may not be asked to leave the lab until the class is over. This room is equipped with a projector, lectern and screen for instructor use.

A variety of professional scanners are available for use:

  • Kic Bookeye 4 Scanner (Book Scanner)
  • Epson Expression 10000XL Wide Format Scanner (Scanning surface up to 12.2 X 17.2 inches)
  • HP Scanjet 7000 Sheet-feed Scanner (Quickly scans multiple page documents)

Video Editing (Room 519)

The Video Editing Room offers the use of specialized software for the creation of video projects. Software available includes Adobe Creative Cloud, a variety 3D modeling software programs and media conversion capabilities. Additionally, the Video Editing Room also has a variety of equipment available for 6 hour checkout (to be used in the Skylab while working on multimedia projects).

The workstations in the Video Editing Room are equipped with the Adobe Creative Cloud and other software programs that are only available in this room of the library; therefore, they are reserved for video editing use only.

Available Hardware/Equipment

  • 2 Media Conversion – VHS Audio/Video Analog to Digital devices
  • 1 Wolverine 8mm and Super8 Movie Digitizer
  • 2 Epson Perfection V750 Pro scanners
  • 1 Super Repro Copy Stand
3D Printed Molecular Structure

3D Printing Services

Follow this link Skylab MakerSpace to the Makerspace Club's webpage or visit Skylab for more information about 3D printing. 


Email -          Phone 850-857-6230