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UWF has 65 blue lights emergency phones strategically placed around campus.

If you are threatened, see anything suspicious or require any type of police assistance quickly, just open the box and push the emergency button.

Emergency Blue Light Telephones

Emergency Blue Lights are free-standing white poles or wall mounted boxes strategically located throughout the UWF Pensacola campus. The poles or boxes are identified with the word "EMERGENCY" in red letters. There is a strobe light on top of each pole or box. UWF has 65 blue lights strategically located throughout the main campus. They can be found in parking lots and jogging areas, on walkways, and near classrooms. These lights provide a direct connection to the UWF Police.

To operate the blue light, open the box on the pole and press the red button on the inside. You will be in immediate contact with the UWF Police dispatcher. Each time a blue light is activated, a UWF Police Officer responds.

If you do not have time to open the box and push the button, strike the side of the pole. This will activate the tamper alarm. The alarm will alert the UWF Police dispatcher that a blue light has been activated and where it is located. A UWF Police Officer will respond.

UWF Blue Light Map (Jan 2019) (PDF)