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Frequently Asked Questions

UWF Police Officers are on campus to assist the campus community and maintain safety and security

What do I do if I receive a traffic citation?
University police officers are sworn state law enforcement officers and have the authority to issue uniform traffic citations (tickets). These are not appealable through the University Police Department but must be disposed of in accordance to state law. Depending upon the offense the citation was issued for, the person who received the citation is usually limited to two avenues of response.

The fine may be paid to the Clerk of the Court. This is the fine that the officer writes on the back of the citation. The fine may be remitted to the Clerk in person or via mail, as long as it reaches the Clerk by the date noted at the bottom of the front side of the citation.

The second option is to request a hearing before a judge. This request can be done in person or writing and must be made to the Clerk of Court. A hearing date will be set and the officer issuing the citation and any relevant witnesses may be present to testify. You will be allowed to present your case in accordance with rules and procedures set forth by the court. The Judge determines the outcome based upon presented evidence.

How do I get a copy of an accident report?
UWFPD uses to manage our accident reports. To get a copy of an accident report go to, click on Find a Crash and search from there. You can search by name, date of accident, agency number, or VIN number. The cost is $16 for a report.

What do I do if I see someone acting suspicious on campus?
Report any suspicious activity to the University Police Department as soon as possible. Be prepared to give your name and location, a description of the person you are reporting and be able to describe what is suspicious about the person's behavior. Officers will respond promptly to determine if the circumstances require police action. Stay on the phone as long as possible in case the dispatcher needs additional information or the officer needs to talk to you.

What do I do if I receive a parking ticket?
Please contact Parking & Transportation Services, Building 91, (850) 857-6023.