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Coffee with a Cop

Creating trust and open communication one cup at a time

We put on the badge to serve and protect our communities professionally and compassionately. Building relationships with students, faculty, staff and community members allows us to do our job most effectively, and it is only possible to do so with open lines of communication and trust. Typically, law enforcement officers and community members interact in crisis situations. Coffee with a Cop allows us to remove barriers between you and our officers in a relaxed environment to promote police-community collaboration.

Guarding Our Campus Is More Than A Duty... It Is Our Privilege. No agenda or speeches, just a chance to chat, ask questions, voice concerns, and get to know the Police on your campus. Pull up a chair and chat over a Cup of Coffee provided by UWFPD.

Coffee with a Cop Events Are Postponed Until Further Notice



Agenda Free

There won't be any topics or speeches. Just an informal conversation about what matters to you!

No Distractions

No beeping radios or looking at cell phones. We eliminate any distractions that could interrupt you.

Problem Solving

These one-on-one conversations allow us to be able to provide you helpful solutions or point you in the right direction to get you the answers needed.