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UWF Police Staff page.

The following are employees within this department. Feel free to contact them as needed. Please note: The area code is (850).

UWF Police Officers and Staff
Employee NameTitlePhone
Cossich, Marc Chief of Police 474.2022
Fletcher, Deborah Assistant Chief of Police 474.2415
Faircloth, David Captain 474.2415
Cupples, Sabra Administrative Specialist / Accreditation Manager  474.2022
Streenz, Jackie Office Specialist  
Hirsch, Douglas Emergency Management Director 474.2182
Crime Prevention and Training
Hinnant, Christopher  Sergeant 474.3274
Brown, Seth Sergeant - Investigator 474.2415
Montoya, Laura Sergeant 474.2415
Roby, James Sergeant 474.2415
Pearson, Mark Sergeant 474.2415
Jordan, Noni Sergeant 474.2415 
Flournoy, Scott Corporal  474.2415
Mealy, Kenneth  Corporal 474.2415
Garcia, Jazmyn  Corporal  474.2415 
Jones, Joseph  Corporal  474.2415 
Sutton, Anthony Officer  474.2415
Lopes, Taylor  Officer  474.2415
Churchill, Jonathan Officer  474.2415 
Forehand, Blake Officer 474.2415 
Walker, Jeremy Officer  474.2415 
Tackett, Nathan Officer 474.2415
Murta, Martin Officer 474.2415
Communications Center
Bermejo, Sandra Sr Communications Operator 473.7227
Kumar, Jason Communications Operator 474.2415
Whitworth, Chris Communications Operator 474.2415
Fischer, Linsay Communications Operator 474.2415 
Freeman, Aaron  Communications Operator 474.2415