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Detecting Drunk Drivers

Drunk driving fatalities in Florida in 2017: 839 representing 27% of all traffic deaths that year.

Thousands of people are killed each year by drunk drivers.  If you believe that someone driving near you is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, move away from that vehicle.  If you have a cell phone, contact the nearest police agency in the area.  To contact UWFPD, dial 850.474.2415. To contact Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, dial 850.436.9630.  To contact Pensacola Police Department, dial 850.435.1900. Tell the dispatcher the location of the erratic driver, the vehicle description and license plate, and the direction in which the vehicle is traveling.  Do not follow the vehicle, unless you can do so safely and from a distance.

To help keep you safe while you are driving on the road, learn to recognize the following possible indicators of drunken driving:                                         

Erratic braking                                   
Weaving within a lane                         
Inability to maintain proper speed                 
Following too closely                                    
Crossing into opposing traffic     
Drifting across lanes of traffic
Stopping in the roadway for no observable reason
Driving off of the roadway (on the shoulder, sidewalk, etc.)


2017 Florida Drunk Driving Statistics

Drunk driving fatalities (.08 BAC or higher): 839 representing 27% of all total traffic deaths, a 0.4% increase from last year.

Alcohol related crash injuries: 1,153

Alcohol related crashes: 5,125

Taxpayer subsidy of drunk driving fatalities: $5.2 million