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Commuter Safety

Before you leave for campus, plan your route. Select the safest route available. Routes that are well lighted and well traveled are always best.

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Although approximately 2,100 students live on campus, the majority of University of West Florida students commute to campus from Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Walton Counties.

Commuter Safety Tips

To help our students commute to the university safely, the following safety tips are recommended:

Carry a cell phone with you.

Keep your vehicle serviced and in good working order.

Plan your route before you drive it. Because of the various ongoing road construction sites, also plan an alternative route in the event you must detour.

Always carry road safety tools, such as a jack, small cones, flares, and a bright colored card or ribbon in the event that your car breaks down to indicate that your car is disabled.

If your car should break down, stay with the vehicle and wait for police to arrive to assist you.  Do not leave the vehicle unless you are within sight of a safe public location, and you can safely walk to that location. Do NOT accept a ride from a stranger. 

When you stop at traffic signals, make sure that you leave enough space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you to make an evasive move should there be an emergency.

Stop for gas at a station that is located in a well-lit, busy area.  Make sure that the attendant is visible from the gas pumps.  If you can see the attendant, then the attendant can see you in the event you need help.

When you arrive at the University, do not park in a remote or desolate area, especially if you will not be returning to your car until dark. 

If you have classes at night, or feel uncomfortable walking to your car by yourself, call UWFPD (474.2415) to request an escort to your vehicle.  Police officers are available 24 hours a day, and safety escorts are available in the evening hours, to assist you in getting to your vehicle safely.