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Living on Campus

Living on campus is a great way for you to make new friends and meet new people, as well as take advantage of a safe and affordable living space.

living on campus
UWF does its best to make sure that every student is safe on campus.
  • Keep your door locked, especially when you are sleeping or showering.

  • Keep your door locked when you leave.  It only takes ten seconds for a thief to enter your room and take your belongings.

  • Do not prop outside doors open, even for a few minutes.

  • Do not open outside doors to anyone who does not have a key, or access card, to that residence hall.

  • Do not place your name or any photographs identifying you on your door.  Your friends will know which room is yours.

  • Do not leave a note on your door for your friends telling them that you aren’t home, or where you have gone.  Friends aren’t the only people who might read the note.

  • If someone knocks on your door, do not open it until you are certain of the identity of the person. If you do not wish to open the door, and the individual persists, call the University Police.

  • Keep an accurate inventory of your possessions. It is a good idea to inscribe your driver’s license number on valuable items with an engraver.  You can borrow an engraver from the University Police.

  • Lock your bike to an immovable object with a heavy-duty bicycle lock.

  • Always keep your vehicle locked and the windows up, both when the car is parked and when you are driving.

  • Always keep your keys in your possession. Never place them under mats, over doors, or in other “hiding places.” Thieves are more experienced at finding hiding places than you are at inventing them.

  • Close your blinds or curtains after dark.  Never dress in front of the window – your silhouette may be visible from outside.

  • If you return to your residence and suspect that it has been entered illegally, do not enter.  Call UWFPD at 474-2415.

  • In all activities, use common sense and be conscious of your surroundings.  Don’t ignore hazardous situations.

Remember that safety is everyone’s responsibility…so help keep the University of West Florida a safe place to live and learn.