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Guardian Campus Safety App

Now Your Phone Can Keep You Safe and Help Protect Your Friends On and Off Campus

UWF Guardian App

The UWF Guardian App is available to help keep you safe on campus. With direct connections to campus police, family, friends, and others you trust, you can feel safe anytime. 

Download RAVE Guardian for free. Search for "RAVE Guardian" and download in Google Play or the App Store.

UWF Guardian is one of the best ways to improve your personal safety by allowing easy communication with UWFPD and others within your own safety network. This app provides rapid and proactive communication with UWFPD, friends, and family. It also hosts other important emergency information.

When you sign up for your profile, your account will automatically configure to UWF settings. Friends and family can still download a general “RAVE Guardian” version of the app so they can be a part of your safety network!

Set Your Safety Timer

Set a SAFETY TIMER whenever you want someone to be notified of where you are going and if you got to your destination safely.

In Case of Emergency

The EMERGENCY button will allow you to call UWFPD or 911 with a few clicks. Calling through Guardian allows for UWFPD to access your GPS coordinates and your safety profile, allowing us to respond to your emergency more efficiently.

Got a Tip?

Discreetly and anonymously report crimes or tips you think are important to UWFPD directly. This feature allows you to submit photos and chat with UWFPD directly via the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding how the UWF Guardian app and its features work. If you have further questions, please contact us at 850.474.2415 or email

The application is available for use by all currently registered UWF students and current employees of UWF. Subscribers to the application must use a UWF email address to login.

No. Your privacy is of the utmost importance. You can only be located if you have asked for help. UWF Guardian location information is only enabled when you choose to make an emergency call, send a tip or when your safety timer expires and UFWPD has been designated as your guardian.

When using the Safety Timer, the user received a reminder message at 5 minutes and 1 minute before expiring. If it expires, a message goes active immediately to your chosen guardian(s) and they can call your cell phone. If the UWFPD is your chosen guardian, the call log will display the PIN used to set the time and we can verify if the person on the phone is the registered user or is in distress. Users and Guardian are notified 3 minutes before the Safety Timer expires, and then both parties are notified the second the Safety Timer finally expire.

For more information, watch the Safety Timer video below!

Yes. Rave Mobile Safety (the provider of UWF Guardian) uses the latest in security technologies and processes to ensure that all of your information is kept secure and private. Rave also undergoes regular security audits to ensure the information security of data.

Yes. Factors include, but are not limited to: whether or not you are calling from inside a building or a “dead spot”; the strength of your cell signal, such as proximity of cell towers or satellites; whether or not your phone is GPS enabled and, the type and quality of your phone; carrier and signal. If possible, you should provide detailed location information via text or voice. This will enable us to reach you quickly when UWF Guardian is activated.

Your phone can be a safety net with the RAVE Guardian Safety Timer

Set Up Your Guardian Safety Timer

RAVE Guardian Safety Timer Instructions