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Self-Help Topics

In order to answer some of your questions about issues that students may be concerned about, our staff has written and developed web-based reading material for you regarding many topics. The purpose of this information is not to replace the counseling process.

Table of Contents

I. Adjusting to College

II. Alcohol Awareness

  • Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning
  • UWF Alcohol Policies

III. Anxiety

IV. Bipolar Disorder

V. Coping with Trauma

VI. Depression

VII. Eating Disorders

VIII. Gender and Sexual Violence

IX. Grief

X. Racism and Discrimination

XI. Romantic Relationships

XII. Self-esteem

XIII. Sexual Health

  • Free Services
  • Safer Sex Resources

XIV. Sleep

XV. Strategies for Returning Students

XVI. Stress

XVII. Suicide Prevention