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Therapy Services

Counseling and Psychological Services offers a wide variety of counseling opportunities. If you are interested in a specific type of counseling, please specify your preference when you schedule your appointment. If you are unsure or just want more information about a type of therapy we offer, our administrative staff will set you up with an intake counselor who will help you figure out what will work best for your concerns and/or goals.

Individual and Group Teletherapy

CAPS offers individual and group teletherapy. In alignment with state laws, regulations, and ethics, teletherapy is only available to currently enrolled students who presently reside in the state of Florida. CAPS partners with Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) Connect, Inc. for access to the secure and private Zoom platform to execute teletherapy health services. To make an appointment for teletherapy, call 850.474.2420. Telephone crisis counseling is available to all students, including out-of-state students. To access this service, call 850.474.2420 and follow the prompts.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling provides you with the opportunity to explore personal concerns one-to-one with a therapist. Students talk about many different topics in counseling that can range from concern about getting along with a roommate to concern about addressing symptoms of significant mental health challenges.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling can be a helpful way to address a variety of issues, including conflict resolution, developing more effective communications skills, work on rebuilding a relationship after cheating and many other issues that can arise within the context of a relationship.

This service is available to all currently enrolled UWF students. Relationship partners need to be UWF students in order to participate.

Group Counseling

Unexpressed thoughts and feelings are a major reason why people experience difficulties and distress in their lives. Expressing yourself in a safe and supportive environment is an important part of group therapy and strongly affects how much you will be helped. The climate of trust provided by the group promotes an environment where members feel safe to share their struggles and work collaboratively to understand one another.

Groups are often viewed as equally or more helpful than individual therapy because participants get support and feedback from several caring individuals. Many people feel they are unique because of their problems, and it is comforting to learn that other people have similar difficulties. In group therapy, participants have multiple opportunities to practice new skills and learn more about how they interact with and relate to others. Find more information about group therapy on our FAQs page.

Current Therapy Groups

Career Counseling

Counseling and Psychological Services can help if you are concerned that your struggle to select a major or career involves factors such as family pressure, self-doubt, anxiety, sadness, or feeling like you really do not know yourself or your interests very well. Clinicians can help you to address barriers that may be interfering with your ability to be successful in selecting a major or career that fits with who you are.

Career Development and Community Engagement may be a helpful option to select first if your questions about choosing a major or career involve a need for more specific information about your career options. This office will also help with the career exploration process such as job searching skills, interviewing tips, resume writing, and identifying experiential learning opportunities like cooperative education, internship, field study, service learning and volunteerism.

The Academic Advising may be a helpful option to select first if you have specific questions about majors offered at UWF and the specific courses required in each major.

Biofeedback Therapy

Biofeedback is a self-help program in which students learn techniques to train their body to respond differently to stress and anxiety. Biofeedback is an evidence-based intervention for the treatment of anxiety.

Biofeedback Therapy