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Academic Success Program

The purpose of this program is to provide encouragement, support, and academic skills and success strategies to students who need structured support after their first fall semester. Our goal is to foster a connection and provide resources to help students have a better outcome in the spring semester.

Our priority is to provide students with resources and programs that will strengthen their academic performance and improve their college experience at the University of West Florida. We know that the first year of college is a major life transition where students are learning to balance academic and social behaviors on their own for the first time. We also know that learning in college is different and some of the strategies that may have worked in high school may no longer lead to the same success in college. The important thing is to reflect on the fall and determine where the challenges were and what to do to approach the spring differently and have a better outcome.

Since there are many reasons why students struggle academically, our goal is to help students identify the factors that are relevant and help address them. As stated in the UWF Undergraduate catalog, this structured program is required in the Spring semester for first year students who find themselves on Academic Warning or Academic Probation after the fall. Eligible students will receive an invitation letter and email at the end of the Fall semester with additional information about program requirements. If you have any questions, please contact your academic advisor in First Year Advising at 850-474-3170 or email

Students MUST attend the required 2-hour academic skills and strategies session offered during the spring semester to provide an overview of academic skills and support resources that can be utilized to make adjustments and have a better outcome. 


  • Gain academic skills and develop strategies for success 
    Students will learn more about the concepts of metacognition and growth mindset, review strategies for time and task management, study skills, note taking, test preparation, and more. Students will also be able to identify individual learning preferences and strategies to support their individual academic success. Students will also be provided with available resources and programs across campus to support the transition to college. 
  • Financial Support
    Often students who are struggling academically have competing priorities of work and school. To assist you with this, each student will receive a $100 scholarship when you attend the required 2-hour session during Week 2 of the semester. There will be additional financial incentives for students who take advantage of additional program resources and return to good standing after this semester. 
  • Priority Registration

    Students who attend the introductory workshop will also be eligible for priority registration for the next Fall semester which allows students to register up to 4 days earlier than normal which could mean a better selection of course options and class schedules to support success moving forward.

  • Optional Support Resources
    Students will be presented with additional opportunities to engage with support resources (academic coaching, academic skills workshops, self-paced modules in Canvas, tutoring, etc.)

  • Required Components - Receive $100 scholarship and Priority Fall Registration for completion
    • Complete the Academic Success Program agreement and select a 2-hour academic skills and strategies session from the available options held during the 2nd week of spring. (Communication will be sent via postal mail and email after fall grades are processed with additional details)
    • Attend and actively participate in the 2-hour academic skills and strategies session that you reserved
  • Additional opportunities for structured support and resources beyond the required 2-hour session
    • Peer academic coaches are available to work with you as accountability partners. You can choose to engage in individualized peer academic coaching meetings where you will reflect on your first semester’s challenges and develop a personal success plan for how to approach the Spring semester.
    • Accept the invitation and explore the Academic Success Canvas course (no grades/no credit) for helpful self-paced modules (will appear in your Canvas dashboard)
    • Meet with your First Year Academic Advisor to create a registration plan for next fall (You will receive an invitation to schedule this appointment in March) 
    • Attend Academic Success Workshops - Boosting Academic Motivation, Think Ahead: Time Management and Study Skills, Conquer Online Learning, Final Exam Prep 
    • Attend Structured Study Time in Tutoring & Learning Resources
    • Complete an appropriate TAO module around stress management, anxiety, etc.
    • Participate in Mindful Mondays Meditation & More via Counseling & Psychological Services Facebook page
    • Participate in a fitness or wellness activity hosted by Recreation and Wellness
    • Make a connection with at least one of your instructors 
    • Make connections with peers by getting involved through the Office of Student Engagement or through Togetherall Peer Support Network

Overall ASP Learning Outcomes & Competencies

  • Self-Awareness and Self-Efficacy
  • Academic Skill building
  • Relationship building and resource use

Competency Areas

Study Skills

  • Students will understand their individual learning preferences
  • Students will identify resources and strategies that fit that learning preference and integrate them into their study strategies.
  • Students will learn from prior academic performance to enhance their current study strategies.

Time Management & Competing Responsibilities

  • Students will be able to develop and implement an effective time management system.
  • Students will prioritize academic and non-academic commitments.
  • Students will understand how to balance academic success and the demands of work.

Stress Management & Resiliency

  • Students will be able to apply creative strategies to manage daily stressors.
  • Students will be able to construct a holistic plan with techniques that enhance their overall mental and physical self.
  • Students will be able to acknowledge adversity and challenges and overcome setbacks through resilience.


  • Students will be able to identify motivation strategies for goal attainment.
  • Students will be able to identify short-term goals that lead to long-term success.
  • Students will be able to differentiate intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

Support Networks

  • Students will understand the value of creating and cultivating a positive support network.
  • Students will learn how to identify campus offices and services that strengthen their commitment to success.
  • Students will be able to identify the individuals they can turn to for support.

"These learning strategies helped me earn better grades, organize my time more efficiently, and overall made me feel supported at UWF."

Prior ASP Participant