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Help Your Student Succeed

This page provides information for families of students on how they can help their student succeed at college. Included are links to external resources on the subject.

Few transitions in life are totally seamless. Shifting from high school or community college to a four-year comprehensive university like UWF can bring about some difficult adjustments, including academic ones. But there are plenty of things you can discuss as a family in advance of your student's arrival to UWF that will significantly ease her/his academic transition.

Review our resources below for some discussion items for your family. 

How Family Members Can Help

  • Encourage your student to examine who they are as a learner and identify where they need assistance.
  • Encourage your student to establish strong relationships with advisors and faculty.
  • Maintain open communications about major and career interests, grades, and academic progress.
  • Celebrate your student's victories, and encourage him or her to seek out help when difficulties arise. Help them prepare for disappointments. 
  • Encourage your student to get involved in student organizations. This provides another connection to the university and career-related skills.
  • Brainstorm questions and practice conversations with them rather than making the call yourself. Help your student focus on his or her own abilities and direct them to seek the assistance they need.
  • Nurture their ability to accept feedback (positive and negative). 
  • Connect with the UWF Parent & Family Programs Office for more ways to get involved. They also have many resources and information for families on their webpage.

UWF Parent & Family Programs Office

You Know Your Student

Students will generally stay connected with their family - and you know your student better than anyone - so we need your help to support your student’s success. Help us be aware of your student’s signs of difficulty adjusting to college life and of potential stressors related to this transition. Speak to your student if you see any significant changes in emotions, behaviors, or social activities. If you notice a number of risk indicators in your student, you and your child are encouraged to seek professional help. There are a number of services and resources available at UWF Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS).

Counseling and Psychological Services

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Resources For Families