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Foundations for Academic Success Seminar

The Foundations for Academic Success Seminar (SLS 1109) is designed to provide first-year students with resources, strategies and opportunities on campus that support their success in and out of the classroom.

Why You Should Consider Taking Foundations for Academic Success Seminar

High school and college environments are significantly different. The FAS Seminar will equip you with the knowledge, connections, and strategies vital to college success, and you will get to know some amazing classmates along the way. This one credit-hour course is a low-pressure, fun, and impactful experience that will help you make the most of your UWF experience and overcome any obstacles that you might face.  

Who should take the course?

The FAS Seminar is open to all first-year students, but the course will be particularly valuable for students who may be exploring multiple majors, coming to UWF from outside of the Pensacola area, committed to a successful transition to college, or focused on earning the best grades possible to ensure long-term college success. Students admitted to the Argo Pathway for Success are required to take the course. 

For more information about this class, email or speak with your academic advisor about adding SLS1109 to your schedule