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Reinstatement Guide for Students within CAS

Students who have been suspended for academic reasons may request reinstatement after being absent from the university for at least one semester. Immediate reinstatement may be requested only for documented exceptional circumstances (serious illness of the student, serious illness or death in the immediate family, or military orders).

The reinstatement process is described in UWF Public Knowledge Base. Students who are assigned to First Year Advising, including those with fewer than 30 earned credits, undeclared majors, and non-degree seeking undergraduates will follow the process for the Center for Academic Success as indicated below. 

The reinstatement process requires:

  • The student to complete a Request for Reinstatement form and attach a Request for Reinstatement letter and supporting documents (if appropriate);
  • A formal meeting between the student, the First Year advisor, and the Director of First Year Advising

After your meeting, the materials will be forwarded to an Academic Review Committee who will review the information and determine whether reinstatement will be approved. You will be notified in writing of the committee's decision within 30 days of the submission date (if deadlines have been met). 

Request for Reinstatement Letters

Before attempting to request reinstatement, be sure to already have electronic versions of your request letter (.doc and .pdf ONLY) and any additional supporting documents necessary for your appeal. 

In developing your letter to the Academic Review Committee, you will need to provide detailed, specific, and often personal, information regarding the circumstances surrounding your suspension from UWF. The letter should include information on what steps you have taken to ensure your success if the committee decides to approve your appeal for reinstatement.

Your supporting documentation (if applicable for your situation) could include: a letter from a doctor indicating dates of care/treatment, written on official letterhead (it should NOT include protected information such as detailed medical diagnosis or treatment notes); the obituary of an immediate family member; paperwork that shows your military status changed to full-time active duty; unofficial transcripts for coursework completed during your time away; etc. 

By responding to the following questions, you should be able to develop a thorough appeal letter that provides all background information needed by the Committee.

  1. What circumstances have caused you to be in this appeal situation? Do you understand why you were suspended from the university? It’s assumed that you will be honest. If you made some mistakes, admit this and let the committee know that you accept the responsibility and consequences of those mistakes. Do not use this letter to blame others for your situation.

  2. What steps have you taken to overcome these roadblocks to success? Detail what you plan to do if your appeal is approved. How will you prevent yourself from being in the same situation in the future? If you’ve taken some time off from UWF, what have you been doing? (i.e., attending another school, working, etc.)

  3. What is your plan for academic success if you return? Be VERY specific. This is your opportunity to prove to the Committee that you’ve given this appeal serious consideration. What university resources will you use? (tutoring, faculty office hours, advisors, other university services, etc.) How will you manage your time, workload, outside employment, or other factors that led to your suspension?

  4. What are your goals for the future? This is your opportunity to explain why it is important for you to return to UWF.

Other important items:

  • You need to allow time to complete the application, write your letter, meet with your First Year Advisor and Director of FYA, and give them time to process your request before the deadline. Doing this at the last minute does not make a good impression about your ability to be successful if you are reinstated.
  • Deadlines are (term requesting to return):
    • Spring - November 1
    • Summer - April 1
    • Fall - July 15
  • If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will be extended to the following working day. Late applications will be moved to the next available semester.
  • If you have not attended UWF within the last three semesters, you will need to apply for readmission through the Office of Admissions in addition to applying for reinstatement. See the UWF Admissions Returning Students page for details. You need to start this process, but you will not be readmitted unless you are reinstated.
  • Check MyUWF to ensure all other holds have been cleared. Failure to do this while you are waiting for your reinstatement process to be completed will only delay your registering.

 Things to keep in mind:

  • Reinstatement to the university is NOT guaranteed.
  • Your advisor has the right to decline your request for support.
  • Reinstatement to the university does not guarantee reinstatement of financial aid. If you are not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress, this requires a separate appeal. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for information.

If you are denied reinstatement to the university:

  • You may consider the A.A. Degree Forgiveness Policy as a way to demonstrate your academic abilities and improved attitude towards being a successful college student and return to UWF. Please seek advising to determine if this option is appropriate for you. 
  • Analyze your academic and career goals. Do some research on areas in which you have interest and investigate pathways to achieve your goals in other ways. 
  • Volunteer or work in your community to gain insights into your goals and aspirations.
  • Look for full- or part-time work to gain experience while reevaluating your academic and career plans.