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Argo's Pathway to Success

The Argo's Pathway to Success Learning Community is for first-year students who demonstrate potential for success in college, but who the university feels would benefit from transitional support in order to maximize their achievement at UWF.


The Argo’s Pathway to Success Learning Community's features and requirements are designed specifically to help students start strong and set themselves up for long-term college success. Pathway students will have a dedicated team of academic advisors and student support staff to offer guidance and assistance throughout the first year at UWF

1. Enroll in a maximum of 11 credit hours during the Fall semester to ease the transition and maximize success in the first semester.
2. As part of the 11 credits for Fall semester, students will complete the Foundations for Academic Success Seminar (SLS 1109).
3. Participate in New Student Orientation events and confirm their course schedule with their academic advisor
4. Complete the Argo’s Pathway to Success Welcome Module in Canvas by August 18, 2024. (an invitation and instructions will be provided in early August).
5. If interested, join the SLS instructors and First Year advisors to attend New Student Convocation on August 16, 2024 (an invitation will be provided in early August).


Confirmation Process

Submit the Argo’s Pathway to Success Confirmation Form, to confirm your admission to the Pathway and acknowledge the requirements as described on this page. The Pathway has a limited number of seats, so students should reserve their spots as soon as possible. Students who submit their Confirmation Form by May 1, 2024 will be guaranteed a place in the Pathway. After this deadline, space is not guaranteed. Argo’s Pathway to Student Success enrollment will end when the program reaches capacity or by July 30, 2024. Please complete all fields and allow 3 to 5 business days to process your confirmation form. Once received, your formal intent to enroll will then be reflected in your MyUWF portal under application status.


Points of Contact

Questions about the admission process or steps to enrolling:
Monique Cossich, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Questions about Argo's Pathway to Success activities, support resources, etc.
 Contact the Center for Academic Success at

Why was this my admissions decision?

Participants are admitted into the Pathway program by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Students offered admissions have demonstrated potential success in college, but the overall academic profile suggests they would benefit from transitional support to maximize their achievements during their first semester. Pathway participants can enroll as full-time students for the Spring semester and forward and stay on track to graduate in four years.

Do I have to participate in Argo's Pathway to Success?
For students offered admission via the Pathway, it is required to enroll at UWF for the fall semester.

What is a student’s option if they decide not to enroll in the Argo's Pathway to Success?

Students who decide not to attend the Pathway can be considered for an admission deferral to Spring 2025.

How long do students have to confirm/reserve a spot in the Argo's Pathway to Success?
The Pathway has a limited number of seats, so students should reserve their spots as soon as possible. Students who submit their Argo's Pathway to Success Confirmation Form by May 1, 2024 will be guaranteed a place in the program. After this deadline, space in the program is not guaranteed. Pathway enrollment will end when the program reaches capacity or by July 30, 2024.

How do students confirm/reserve a spot in the Argo's Pathway to Success?
Students can access their MyUWF account and search Argo's Pathway to Success Confirmation Form or use the link found above. From there, they will be able to complete and submit the confirmation form to indicate their intent to enroll and agree to the required terms and conditions of the program. 

When is Orientation for Argo's Pathway to Success students? Is there a specific session for Pathway students?
Students admitted into the Pathway will select from any open new first year student orientation session during the summer. Registration can be found in the Next Steps checklist in their MyUWF account.


What courses will I be taking?
In addition to the Foundations for Academic Success Seminar (SLS1109), students will be registered for their initial semester’s courses based on their desired degree program. Students will meet with their First Year Advisor as part of new student orientation in the summer to confirm their course schedule.

Are students limited to a maximum of 11 credit hours beyond Fall?
Students will be free to register as full-time students with 12 or more credits beginning in the Spring semester.

Can Argo's Pathway to Success students receive financial aid?
Pathway students can receive pro-rated financial aid in order to help them cover the costs of the program. Students must complete the 2024/2025 FAFSA as soon as possible (available in October 2023) to determine aid eligibility for that year.

What if the Foundations for Academic Success seminar does not fall on a student’s degree plan and is not covered by certain forms of financial aid?

In very limited cases, some degree programs may not allow for outside electives such as the SLS1109. Some forms of financial aid may not cover this course if it falls outside of a degree plan. Since this course provides the foundation of the Argo’s Pathway to Success and offers a variety of unique and exceptional benefits, students are expected to make the necessary financial arrangements to ensure the cost of the 1 credit course is covered as a participant in the Argos Pathway to Success.

If you receive a notice that indicates that the course is not covered by financial aid please contact your academic advisor BEFORE taking any action. These emails are auto-generated, and often, the course can be applied to the degree manually, which corrects the issue. Students are highly encouraged to complete the FAFSA, as many forms of aid can be used to cover this cost

When do Argo’s Pathway to Success Program students pay the bill for the semester?

All fees for Fall 2024 will be due in mid-August 2024. Student can view their student bill via Transact in MyUWF beginning in mid-July.

Can I use my VA benefits while in the Argo’s Pathway to Success?
Degree-seeking students are eligible to use VA benefits. For certification information, please contact the Military and Veterans Resource Center at or 850.474.2550.

How will the 11 credit hour maximum requirement affect my VA stipend?
The 11 credit hour maximum will place your VA Certification at 3/4 time for your living stipend and use 3/4 time of a month. The following spring semester, when enrolling in 12+ credit hours, term 1 (NOTE: credit requirements change with terms and semester), your VA Certification will be full-time for your living stipend and use one month of benefits

Are Argo’s Pathway to Success students required to stay on campus?
No. However, living on campus is highly encouraged for all first year students. Previous Pathway participants have elected to join one of the Living Learning Communities when choosing to live on campus. Joining a community comes at no additional cost and gives students a chance to engage in a high impact practice within their first year at UWF.

Are Argo’s Pathway to Success students required to have a meal plan?
If a student lives on campus during their first year, a meal plan is required. If a student is not living on campus, a meal plan is optional, but provides a great place to hang out and meet new friends at one of our dining locations.