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Issuing an Alert

Alerts are a way to draw attention to a student who may potentially be struggling with academic or personal issues.

It is the best practice to issue an alert on a student as early as possible in the semester after attempting to discuss the problem with the student (as appropriate).

Faculty and Staff have the ability to issue an alert on any student at any time. When a user issues an alert on a student, an appropriate UWF staff member receives the alert for processing and outreach.  These alerts are typically outside of the normal Early Warning Process

  • Alerts relating to personal/behavioral issues are automatically forwarded to the UWF Dean of Students Office to open a case.
  • Alerts relating to academic issues are automatically forwarded to the student's academic advisor for appropriate follow-up.

Please note that specific notes/details about mental health, medical concerns,  and conduct issues are not appropriate for entry into Navigate. If you would like to share details, or if there is an immediate personal crisis, please contact the Dean of Students Office for further assistance.

 Additional information about the process and instructions on how to issue an alert are available. View in Confluence